Friday, 3 June 2011

May Favourites (including cosmetics and skin care)

So, I've not blogged about skin care products before - would you guys be interested in reading posts about it? - which is why I decided to include my favourite skin care products (of this month) as well as make up products!

Skin care
  • Simple Soothing facial toner & Purifying cleanser - I actually love these products they're so cheap (around £3 each) and a life saver for me as they don't irritate my skin, which seems to be hyper-sensitive to skin products (but not make up, hmm...) and leaves my face feeling clean and refreshed. I also like the smell or the lack of one it has that "clean" smell which I love because, makes me feel clean!
  • Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs - This isn't the best value product it's around £10 for 75ml not a lot considering its for your legs! It is however so good - It's a foundation of sorts but I like the subtle tan it gives me (I get the shade fair) as being very pale it's hard to find something which leaves me with a tan that doesn't make me look a little...diseased (probably due to my terrible fake tanning skills!) however as much as I love this it is super glittery!
  • Dove Go Fresh deodorant - is it strange that I'm including deodorant? I just love Dove, again it has that clean scent which I love my favourites are "cucumber and green tea" and "cool water-lily & fresh mint"
  • Body Shop Hemp Body butter - My friend bought me this little version a while ago and I love how moisturising this is. Some find it hard to get over the not-so-pretty scent but it's not so strong that it's over powering, in my opinion. I think I may have had a reaction to this once but I've used it tons of times so it could have possibly been my skin adjusting to it because it hasn't happened again.
  • Soap and Glory Breakfast scrub - This smells divine! You have to at least have a sniff next time you're in boots! This is my favourite exfoliator because it smells nice and does the job :)
Make up 
  • Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker lip plumping gloss - these glosses have been my go to glosses for such a long time now, they're not really pigmented (at least not on me) they're more of a "my-lips-but-better" kind of gloss but they taste and smell amazing - like chocolate yum yum - and have a lovely tingly sensation which I love as I am constantly striving for plump lips! They're £8.43 at Boots.
  • MAC Viva Glam Lustre Lipstick (Lady Gaga) - Read review here I find this lipstick really wearable despite being such a vivid pink - I love the lustre formula and have worn it quite a lot since buying it (I may pick up a back up because it's not part of the permanent collection) I just wish it'd last longer on the lips as it doesn't fade straight away but isn't as long-lasting as some lipsticks.
  • MAC Mineralize blush "Cheek and Cheerful" - This is a long standing favourite of mine read my review here!
  • MAC Cremeblend blush "So sweet, So easy" - This is a really natural blush which looks really bright in the pan but isn't too pigmented when applied leaving you with a pretty pink finish, however the colour can be built up to create a brighter look, read my review here.
  • Urban Decay Naked Palette - Do I even need to explain this? I was thinking of making a post about it but as there are so many out there I don't know if anyone would read it...? All I can say is this palette is worth the hype.
  • MAC Hello Kitty Tinted Lip Conditioner "Pink Poodle" - Should I even still be using this, it's probably gone off? I don't care it's extremely hydrating and although very pink and glittery it's not that pigmented and just leaves a pretty sheen on your lips.
  • Jill Stuart Fruity Lip balm - If you want to read about how much I love this then please click here! This is my favourite lip balm ever.
  • Dior Nude Liquid Foundation - I really like this foundation I reviewed it here I've taken to using this foundation every day (or at least every day that I wear make up) it leaves my skin looking flawless yet it's still hydrating.
  • Too Faced Naked Eye Palette - Ok, so I've had to include this because before my Urban Decay Naked Palette I was loving this but it took second place pretty much instantly. I still like the product though, of course and use it if you want to see swatches/read my review then please click here.
So that's it for my favourites, what were your favourites of May?

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