Sunday, 15 May 2011

Dior Skin Nude Foundation review!

I just bought this foundation on the recommendation of many! I have dry/sensitive skin and this foundation is supposed to use "magic water" to ensure hydration and I must say it is the most hydrating foundation I've tried so far! It also has SPF10 which is always a plus!
(Sorry about the bad quality picture, my camera has ran out of battery so I had to rush when taking pictures!) I bought the colour 010 which is the lightest colour available - the foundation is really liquid-y and doesn't really have the cream like texture which most liquid foundations have, it's not a bad thing though.
(before and after pictures after the jump)

This foundation only offers light to medium coverage - you can build up the level of coverage but it's not one for those with major blemishes.
As you can see I don't have any major blemishes (APART FROM THAT DAMN VEIN! Though I do have eczema which flairs up occasionally however, I don't tend to wear make up then because it just hurts!) so I only need a foundation with a little coverage to hide the redness which I am prone to. 
As you can see it's toned down the redness A LOT, the picture doesn't do the foundation justice - sorry! But I honestly love this it gives a good amount of coverage with out drying out my skin and leaves it looking flawless but dewy - it's good if you want the "no make up look". 
I'd advise that you get the MUA to do a colour match for your skin when trying out foundations even if you're sure which colour you are because there's nothing worse than a foundation that's too dark/too light!
This foundation isn't cheap, it cost £29.50 but in my opinion it's worth every penny! Even the packaging is good quality.
Downside? You can't remove the pump so that when the foundation is running out you can't just pull it apart and scrape out every last drop :( 


  1. Wow that really does seem to even out your skintone and it has a lovely 'barely there' look!

  2. I really does, the picture doesn't do it justice it leaves skin looking flawless and eliminates redness whilst still looking dewy and natural! It's amazing, definitely worth the money! x

  3. Oh this looks lovely & fresh - I like light coverage at this time of year. x

  4. I definitely think it's worth a try - I got the MUA to colour match me and she put the foundation on before I bought it and I just knew I had to have it - it gives really light but flawless coverage. I'm a bit in love with it haha x