Monday, 31 October 2011

Paul and Joe Beaute L/E Manhattan Collection Lipstick

How cute is the packaging?! You might recognise this from a haul I posted quite a while back, you can read that here if you're interested. The Paul and Joe Beaute range is so pretty, I think that's the appeal of it most of the time. Although I love the packaging I don't like that it's cardboard as opposed to the standard plastic lipstick bullet, it's gorgeous but just seems like it would get scuffed and battered easily.
On to the actual product!
It's so lovely, isn't it? I bought the shade 073 Uptown Girl as it looked the most wearable of the three shades available, I often go for safer, foolproof shades when shopping online as there I have no access to a Paul and Joe counter.
The colour is a lovely peachy-pink very pretty and very wearable.
The finish is lovely, similar to my favourite MAC lipstick formula "cremesheen" it's slightly glossy but extremely pigmented, this lipstick is extremely hydrating, it feels lovely on. It has quite a subtle scent, it smells like sweets  which I know wont appeal to all however it isn't over powering and there is no flavour to it.
It's so pretty! I don't tend to reach for this often as I'm scared of just popping it into my bag in case it gets ruined but the colour is lovely. I think I'm going to start using this a lot more than I already do, I forget how much I like it until I put it on!
Although L/E this lipstick is still available from ASOS and Beautybay. RRP £15.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Blogsale: MAC, Benefit, Urban Decay & more

I desperately need to get rid of some make up/beauty products which I don't use very often/at all which were getting neglected.

Terms and Conditions.

  • Postage will range from £1.50 to £3 for 1st class depending on how many items you buy/weight.
  • No returns/refunds so if you are unsure and would like to see swatches or get a little more information on the product then please don't hesitate to ask, I don't mind at all!
  • Payment made by pay pal (gift) only and within 24 hours of me sending the invoice to you.
  • Comment below with the item(s) you are interested in and your email address so I can contact you regarding your postal address/payment.
  • UK ONLY.
So, lets get to it then!
1.Simple "smoothing facial scrub" £1 (never used)
2.TIGI "love peace and the planet" Cherry Almond firm hold hair spray £2 (used once, love the bottle, hate the smell!) PENDING
3.Simple "vital vitamin day cream" £1 (never used)
4.Soap and Glory "hand food, hand cream" £1 used a couple of times (125 ml)

5. Heroine Make Kiss Me L/E mascara and mascara remover set (Used a couple of times, IN BOX) £6.50 *Asian product
6. Benefit "celebutante" L/E set, contains: *Mini* Benetint (50% used) High beam (100% used) Lipstick x2 "no competition" "ladies choice" (both swatched a few times) Lipgloss "I'm with the band" (used Once), Eyeshadows x2 "Leggy" "Dandy Brandy" (Both used quite a few times) Dallas Blush (used quite a few times) and a mini blush brush and mini double ended "fluff shadow/talent" brush. £6 
7. Avon Smokey eyes Quad (used twice) £4 SOLD
8. Barry M "Wink" Fat felt tip liner (black) (used Once) £1.50
9. Eylure 24 Hour Eyeliner (felt tip, black) (used Once) £2
10. Urban Decay Primer Potion (full sized) (used 3-4 times approx) £4.50
11. E.L.F L/E eye shadow palette (all shadows swatched a couple of times) £3
12. Natural Collection colour foundation "Porcelain"  50p (used Once)
13. MAC *sold out* L/E Mineralize blush "giggly" £12 (used twice)  SOLD
14. Topshop Kabuki/Powder brush £1.50
15. MAC lipstick HUE  £7.50 used a couple of times/over 90% left SOLD
16. Natual Collection "Apple Blossom" 50p usage shown
17. Bourjois 32 Fashion Rouge £3 used twice SOLD
18. Bourjois 04 Rose Croisette £2 swatched once SOLD
19. Mary Quant "41 artful pink" £1 usage shown SOLD
20. L.A Girl E/S "Mud Slide"
21. E.L.F cream shadow duo "Black Licorice"
22. Avon "shooting star"
23. 2true duo "3" 
All swatched, 50p each or all for £1.50 SOLD
24. Paul and Joe nail polish trio £4 each or all 3 for £7.50

26. Nails Inc "Hampstead Heath" £1.50 used once SOLD
27. ELF "Light Pink" 50p used once SOLD
28. Rimmel "409 Coral Crush" used once £1
29. MeMeMe "63 Exotic" £1 never used

31. Revlon "Pink Pop" lipgloss £2.50 used twice
32. Sleek Pout Polish "Pink Cadillac" £2.50 used 2-3 times
33. MAC Cremesheen glass "Partial to Pink" £9 used once RRP £16  SOLD

That'll all for now!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Rock 'n' Roll FOTD, inspired by Beauty's Bad Habit

I loved Lily's recent Rock night FOTD (link) and when I got dressed this morning I thought a similar look would look great with what I was wearing!
It look me less than 5 minutes to create this look, I simply put on some Etude House BB cream, MAC's Russian Red lipstick and Lancome Doll eyes mascara and Topshop Bold Liner in Graphite, which is a lovely grey colour that looks great against my blue/grey eyes. Simples.
I'm going for a really casual look today so I'm wearing:
Artwork in the background created by the wonderful Sadie (age 2, it's a butterfly apparently). 
I love the denim waist jacket it was a bargain £20 from H&M a couple of years ago, it was a Limited Edition item so I never see other people wearing it, which is always a plus!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Kawaii Nails, cute NOTD.

I don't often do NOTD posts because I have such teeny tiny nails that I can never really do anything too exciting with them - aside from getting false nails, which don't look right on my tiny hands (apart from short acrylics but I'm giving my poor nails a break from those!).
I do occasionally however get a little handy with nail stickers, the ones used in this look were £2.99 (£2.49 before VAT) from Sally's.
Sorry about the slightly messy application, this isn't obvious off camera.
The stickers are so easy to use, you simply apply on top of dry nail polish and then once applied to the nail you apply a top coat. Simple! 
It's such a cute and pretty look created with such little effort, I am slowly building up a little collection of nail stickers so that I can alternate looks. 

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Cute gift set (present to myself)

First of all, I'd like to apologise for my erratic blogging I've been really, really busy so it's been hard to post regularly. I did want to share with you something which caught my eye in Boots today, I was having a browse around the Christmas gift section when this cute little set caught my eye.
Sorry about the bad quality pictures, I had to take them in artificial light as I was too excited to wait until the morning to share this beauty with you all!
I've seen the Fearne Cotton make up range before but never actually purchased anything, I couldn't resist this set of six nail polishes though. The packaging is so pretty, I love the box, it's a little drawer and the print on both the outside and inside is just gorgeous.
A better look at the colours included.
The colours are gorgeous, unlike most sets I actually love every single shade and would wear each one! There are two sets available and I chose the brighter set as although the darker shades were also very pretty I think the shades in this set are just gorgeous! 
I will probably pick up the other set at some point though :)
In terms of the actual polish, I have only used the red but I can say after 2 thin coats you get a completely opaque finish. None of the shades in this set have any shimmer or glitter at all. This set is a completely bargain at £12! 

Friday, 7 October 2011

Cosmetic Candy shop!

I'm sure when you hear the words Cosmetic Candy (link) you think of Rowena's amazing blog - which I must say was the first beauty blog I ever read and inspired me to create one myself - however she also has another website selling eyelashes, jewellery, hair accessories, stationary, beauty tools and phone accessories. All of which are completely adorable!
Screen print of the website.
Cosmetic Candy Shop
Rowena was kind enough to send me various items to try out which are available from her website.

 I was sent Scrublets which are priced at £6.50 and are used for exfoliation your face to give a deep clean. Another beauty tool I was sent is the adorable Mascara guard priced at £3.25 this is for avoiding any mess when applying mascara, I think it's such a cool item to have especially if you often end up with mascara all over your eye lid. 
What's great about this website is there is an explanation about each tool when you click on it so you always know what you're buying and how to use it (very handy as most of the products are Asian and don't have English instructions).
How adorable is this little compact mirror?! I can't actually find this on the website so I'm not sure if it's still available, if you can find it though snap it up because it's the cutest thing! I was also sent this fun Cowboy hat ring which again I can't find on the website however Rowena has a beautiful selection of rings here (link)
I was also sent some stickers from the stationary range however I can't include these as they were so adorable I used them all up! 

I'm looking forward to making an order from as the products are gorgeous and original, not to mention the prices which are also very pocket friendly! I think a lot of the products on the website will be great gifts and I'm definitely checking out the HUGE selection of eyelashes!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Russian Red - my perfect red.

I've been looking for the perfect red for a long time, something quite dark and vampy without looking too gothic. I found my perfect red not too long ago and (surprise, surprise) it's by MAC.
This is a matte finish but I don't find it dehydrating, I normally steer clear of mattes but this formula isn't too bad. I found it really hard to capture the actual colour of this lipstick as on camera it looks a lot more red whereas in real life it's a beautiful vampy red.
Swatch taken with flash.
This is a blue-based red which makes your teeth look whiter, it's also perfectly dark but not to the extent that it washes me out, being pale it's hard to wear dark lipstick without channelling Morticia Adams so this is perfect for me!
It's not an everyday lipstick (for me anyway) I am a huge fan of red lips but I tend to save such glam make up looks for going out, it's unlikely (but not unheard of) that you'll see me out shopping rockin' a red lip. Russian Red however is such a beautiful, stand out colour that you can put it on a bare face with a tiny bit of mascara and still look great, I'm a big believer in eyes OR lips and tend to just put on a little mascara when wearing brighter or more daring colours. 
It gives a lovely Old Hollywood glamour feel, a look I love!
What's your HG red?

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Inglot ships to the UK finally! My freedom palette.

I was so excited to hear that Inglot now ship to the UK as before hand it was near impossible for me to get hold of the brand. I've been wanting to try Inglot for months after hearing such great things about the brand so I made my (little) order instantly. As I'd never tried anything from Inglot before I decided to just go for a couple of eye shadows however for the £5 P&P I wish I'd have bought a little more now. 
The high quality products I received however more than make up for the P&P charge!
I purchased:

The eye shadow refills I bought were:
  • 363 Matte
  • 08 Shine
  • 53 AMC
  • 423 Pearl
Wanna see inside my palette?
Without Flash
With Flash
Surprise surprise I built a little neutral palette, I must say though the shades are different to other neutrals that I have and this compact (and sturdy!) little palette will probably have a permanent place in my make up bag.
When I say sturdy, I mean it the shadows and lid are held in place my little magnets. I had a bit of a disaster with the highlight shade (top-left) when trying to remove it from my palette...these are such soft shadows that even the slightest pressure will result in an indent, thankfully though I managed to squish the shadow pack into place in the pan and lost only a tiny amount.
Wanna see swatches?
These shadows, as you can see are so gorgeous and so pigmented I'm really excited to use them!
I'm sure I'll be placing more orders with Inglot in the near future!

Monday, 3 October 2011

September Favourites

I found it quite hard to find my most worn products of September as I pretty much used the same products everyday. I didn't want to show you things that have featured in my favourites posts before as I don't want to bore you all, I have however gathered together a few products which I have absolutely loved throughout September (and I'm sure I'll continue to love them).

  • Dolly Wink False eyelashes & Case
  • Dolly Wink Liquid eyeliner
I'm sure you are all aware of my love for Asian make up and I've had these products for months and months now but didn't really use them until recently. The liquid eyeliner has a firm paint brush-esque brush (it's like a hybrid between normal liquid liner and felt tip liner) which is so nice and easy to work with, mine is in the colour "Deep black" and it's by far the best liquid liner I've ever used - I know many others also rave about this eyeliner so I'd definitely recommend checking it out!
I neglected these lashes when I first got them as I felt that they didn't look "right". However I've been wearing these none stop recently (in fact I think they may be on their last legs so I'll have to buy some more!) The glue the lashes came with is AMAZING!!! so I'll definitely be purchasing the full sized tube.
As you can see, I haven't yet gotten round to wear the bottom lashes (I'm not quite brave enough) though I think they'd be amazing for a 60's look. 
The case has also came in handy and I just pop it in my bag when I'm out and it covers any possible lash disasters (like when your lashes are falling off and a bit of glue is needed!) not that I've had any since using the Dolly Wink lash glue.
Another favourite of mine is my MAC 224, which I use for concealer (it's supposed to be an eye brush however I have the 224SE which I use for my eyes) when I first started using this I was a little disappointed as I found it didn't blend my concealer well enough, however I used it a couple more times and now I'm in love! It's perfect for under-eye concealer.
  • LUSH lip scrub
  • Lanolips 101 Ointment
These two products have been saviours recently, I wont talk too much about them as I'm planning on doing a post on how I care for my lips (I'm a lip balm freak-o). All I'll say for now is that I am completely loving these babies!
I told you there wasn't much this month! 
Also I must say, the Lanolips 101 ointment was a complete bugger to photograph!