Thursday, 23 June 2011

Product Rave: MAC Fix+ (the Marmite of the beauty world)

You're all probably sick of the sight of this bad boy aren't you?
I bought it mostly after it featured in a favorites video of Vivianna's however I was further enticed after a little research as some people raved about the product and were loving it whilst others were completely unimpressed and fairly disappointed that they'd spent £12.50 (or the equivalent) on what is essentially a water spray. Whilst this might be true, I am loving this!   
As you all must know by now, I have dry skin. It is the bane of my life. No matter how much I exfoliate and moisturize I still have the same patches of dry skin which just seem adamant on upsetting me, these pesky patches become visible under make up no matter how dewy. This product however eliminates this almost completely as it refreshes my make up making it look as flawless as when first applied. 
The only problem being that when my little trooper dry patches re-emerge I have to whip out the fix+ in order to keep up the illusion of flawlessness which I created so any MAC people if you are reading, please can you make this permanent on my skin?
I would definitely repurchase this and highly recommend it if you also have dry skin!


  1. I've never tried it, never really been sure what it did haha! That's great it helps with your dry skin though! xx

  2. I love Fix +, very refreshing in summer and moisturising in winter, perfect! Just found your blog, it's lovely :)