Sunday, 26 June 2011

Pay day purchases - WARNING! Envy inducing sale item included!

So, as you may have gathered the concept of saving is something which I can't quite as soon as pay day arrived I (naturally) went shopping!
These are the items I purchased (impulsively of course).
So this is the envy inducing purchase! A Juicy Couture Bag which I think is gorgeous (if only the picture did it justice). I bought this in the Selfridges sale for just £50 - the original price was £170. Justification? Apart from the price and cuteness? I don't have a pink bag!
Other purchases:
  • Tom Ford "Black Orchid" perfume 35ml (£42) this is my favourite perfume, my mum has the bigger 100 ml bottle and I've been stealing hers since she bought it but I finally caved and bough my own. Also, I met a lovely guy who was working at the Tom Ford counter, Hi to Shane if you're reading!
  • Orelia earrings from Topshop (£3) I saw these on my way out and noticed the sale sticker, these earrings are so cute and a steal at £3 they were originally £15. They're quite vintage-y looking and I just thought they'd look pretty!
  • Topshop Bold Liner in "Graphite" (£2) another sale purchase, I've no idea why it was in the sale as I don't think there were many, if any other make up items at a reduced price but it's a lovely shimmery-grey colour.
  • Topshop kohl eye liner in "Slate" (£4) a lovely grey colour which I bought as grey is a recommended colour for my blue eyes but also because I really like it! I'll review it soon as I've not yet used it properly however it feels lovely and creamy!
(Read more for swatches)
Eye Liner Swatches:
Eek, sorry for the blurry swatch :s It was fine before I uploaded it! (L-R) Bold Liner "Graphite" - Kohl eyeliner in "Slate"
  • YSL Rouge Volupte "7" (£22) this is a lovely cool-toned pink - I've not yet used this properly and it's my first ever Rouge Volupte so I can't really say much about it apart from it felt very creamy when I swatched it! I'm excited to wear this as most in the beauty blogosphere seem to love this product!
Rouge Volupte Swatch:
  • Topshop cream blush "Head over heels" (£6) a lovely coral colour (which is a new colour addition to the range), believe it or not I do not own a single coral blush but had to buy this as it's gorgeous. It's also buildable so you can go for a subtle look or have a nice pop of colour!
Cream Blush swatch:
  • MAC Complete comfort cream (£22.50) I bought this after using up a sample given to me, I didn't have high-hopes as having dry and sensitive skin (however not sensitive to make up products!) it's hard to find nice skin care products that don't sting however I really liked this product and so bought it! It's very hydrating and a lovely thick cream which doesn't make you feel greasy either!
And that is all for now folks, I just wanted to share my recent purchases with you (hauls are my favourite posts to read) if you have any review requests then please let me know!


  1. Love the bag its stunning xx

  2. I am exactly the same, I'm meant to be saving but once I get paid I still end up buying more make up. One day I'll be able to say no when I see something I like...

    I love that bag, too cute! x

  3. Haha, I always tell myself that! x