Thursday, 23 June 2011

Dewy foundation with a decent amount of coverage?! MAC Studio Sculpt, actually does the trick.

In case you weren't already aware, I have dry skin so dewy foundations are pretty much my only option (unless I want to look a bit scraggy) however - although I don't tend to have many blemishes - I haven't yet found a dewy foundation which offers more than minimal coverage. This isn't necessary a bad thing (for me at least) most of the time I only need minimal coverage but if I'm having a particularly rubbish-"ugly" day slapping on more make up makes me feel a little better! Especially if my skin does that tomato redness thing it loves to do.
Although I really wanted to buy MAC's Studio Fix Fluid I knew it wasn't a good idea, being a matte finish it'd only highlight any dry areas I hate how everyone who uses it has flawless skin though :( :( :( 
I do however really like Studio Sculpt, it has SPF 15 (which I featured in this recent haul post) - I like this however I know others don't because it makes pictures look a bit crappy? I think. 
The biggest flaw with this product however is that it STINKS you become immune to the strange smell over time though so I shall not complain...too much.
Want to see it in action? 
As you can see, my face is quite red (imagine how I look when I'm embarrassed!)
As you can see the foundation eliminates all redness - apart from the tiniest amount on my cheeks - it also covers blemishes; I have pale skin (which I swear is almost see-through) and I have visible veins at times but this foundation covers that and the pesky couple of spots I got during the exam period were also substantially covered, it might however still be useful to use a concealer for a little extra coverage though!
This foundation doesn't really highlight any dry patches but also isn't too dewy so those of you with oily skin would probably be able to make use of this foundation also. 
The foundation costs; £23 for 40 ml which is great compared to my HG foundation Diorskin Nude I wear Studio Sculpt in the shade NC15 (the NC shades apparently counter act redness so if you have the same problem as me I'd go for an NC rather than NW)


  1. i LOVE this foundation, it does give the perfect dewy pretty skin and good coverage :D it's my go to at the moment, for important occasions and I use maybelline fit me for most day to day


  2. I've never used Maybelline Fit me, I'm sure that range isn't available in the UK. It's lovely isn't it x