Thursday, 23 June 2011

New Wink Marker pen eyeliner from Barry M - Great Idea, Rubbish Product!

I love, love, love felt tip eyeliners. I use them for precise 60s flicks (although recently I haven't strayed from my Bobbi Brown Gel Liner). I was actually really excited to try this eyeliner from Barry M because I like the packaging and love the thickness - the quality however isn't impressive.

I love the pinkness of this, the packaging is lovely for a lower end brand as often enough drugstore/high street cosmetic brands aren't often as nicely packaged as higher end or luxury brands.
The swatch shows, just how thin or thick the eyeliner can be. How crappy is the colour though?! Barry M claim that the product creates "intense, bold lines and flicks" however the washed out black does nothing of the sort.
This picture was taken straight after the product was applied and the colour is just so unimpressive - I had quite high hopes for this product but I'm really disappointed. It's also not the smoothest felt-tip eyeliner I've used however that may just be down to lack of practice as I've never used one as thick. 
Over all, although only £4.59 I'd have rather spent the money on a KFC...


  1. Such a shame! I have the Collection 2000 one and the colour payoff seems much better, and it was only £2.99. Shame on you Barry M!

  2. I know, I also have the Collection 2000 one and it's tons better x

  3. Aww what a shame! Avon do one of these pens and it is fab!xx

  4. ah that's a shame :/
    i've only ever tried elf's eyeliner pen and it just looks very weird on me!

  5. That's such a shame! I suppose with the size it's more of an alternative to kohl than liquid eyeliner but the pigmentation still looks so naff!