Friday, 13 May 2011

MAC Viva Glam (Lady Gaga) Lustre lipstick review

Okay, so I know I'm a bit late with this one - the lipstick has been around for ages now. I only bought it last weekend, it's been one of those products that I've wanted for a while but never actually got round to buying.
It's actually a really pretty blue-toned pink I really like the colour, it stood out to me whilst at the MAC counter but then again - it is my favourite colour!

The packaging is so-so I do like MAC packaging but I just can't get too excited about it because it's no where near as cute as some (Jill Stuart, Majolica Majorca, etc...) however it's quite pretty, I do like the contrast between the black and red-pink colour. It's also got Lady Gaga's signature on it but this doesn't really bother me as I'm not really a fan.
The colour is lovely and really hydrating - I often find lipsticks can dry out my lips and give them that beautiful flaky look. It's also got quite a fair bit of pigment considering it's a lustre (and it smells lovely!)
This is what the lipstick looks like when applied (I know it's a bit scruffy but It was a rushed application) I think it's sufficiently pigmented - naturally my lips are quite red - and this is without any sort of liner/primer and it's also glossy so it doesn't make my lips look vile!
However, it's not extremely long lasting and does settle into the natural creases of the lips - but only a little. Over all I really like this lipstick, I think I might have to buy a back up before MAC do their usual trick and discontinue the product!

This lipstick was £13.50

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