Wednesday, 1 June 2011

MAC Mineralize Blush - Cheek and Cheerful Blush?Bronzer?Highlighter? Bit of a hybrid really...

Pretty isn't it? Want to see more?
Think how gorgeous this looked before I got my grubby little hands on it!
I've actually had this for ages and it's no longer available in stores (I think) it is however available here. This is sold as a blush rather than a bronzer however it has a bronze-y tone with gold running through and doesn't really seem very blush like to me it is however a lovely colour and is the only bronzer I've used for the past year-ish. 
So pretty isn't it! This product is a bit of a hybrid it's sold as a blush however I use it as a bronzer it can also be used as a highlighter though (ONLY IF APPLIED LIGHTLY!) as beautiful as it is steer clear if you're a glitter-phobe because there is a ton of glitter! I however am attracted to shiny things more than magpies are so I like this also the glitter isn't too obvious when applied it becomes more of a shimmer. 
It looks pretty doesn't it? I generally have to be careful when using bronzers and this is perfect for my pale complexion as it adds a healthy glow without making me look as though I'd just been tangoed (remember the advert?). I love the subtlety of this product it's not too in-your-face but it does the job. 
And it's so, so pretty! 



  1. Oooh it does look pretty. You have applied it really well x

  2. Thank you :) It's quite sheer in colour when applied with a brush so it's quite hard to go wrong which I love because I don't have the skills which lots of other bloggers do! xxx

  3. Looks great on you, I'm quite pale so always afraid of products that seem dark but this works well.x

  4. That is really pretty, looks great on you!

  5. Thank you :)
    @emmabovary - I definitely recommend it as a bronzer for those with paler skin as it's a lot more subtle than actual bronzers! x

  6. Just had to say your blog is so lovely! Minnie xXx