Sunday, 20 May 2012

Your shoes are from Primark?!!

Now, anyone who knows me realises that whenever I'm sad I buy myself cheering up presents in the form of shoes or lipstick - nothing else ever quite cuts it. Imagine my surprise when I found these beauties in Primark! I normally buy ballet pumps from Primark but never ventured into heels, these were my first purchase for an amazing £16!
The pictures actually capture quite well the gorgeous champagne colour of the glitter. Now, I know these shoes probably wont last forever and in no time the glitter will undoubtedly start falling off but for £16 it doesn't matter that they wont last for life! These certainly don't look the price I paid for them.
I've only worn these shoes once and I wore them with jeans (pictured above) a simple white vest top, Alexander McQueen scull scarf and a leather jacket - they really livened up an otherwise dull outfit.

I'm so happy with my little bargain! I know these wont be to everyone's taste but as a bit of a glitter addict these are perfect for me!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

All that glitters...

I bought a MAC 15 pan eye shadow palette a while back intended on building the perfect palette however after the initial excitement worn off I found that I never even reached for my MAC palette never mind came anywhere close to filling it! I'm going to do a series of posts over the next couple of weeks focusing on the MAC shadows hopefully resulting in me being reminded of how pretty they are and actually getting some use out of them! I still aim to fill my palette and it has been a while since my last MAC haul...
This is probably one of the most famous shadows by MAC, it's an extremely popular choice for many MAC lovers. I can completely see why as well, it's a beautiful shadow and a firm favourite of many beauty bloggers, most notably youtuber Allthatglitters21.
This as you can see is a beautiful peachy champagne colour with brilliant pigmentation. It's an extremely versatile shadow too and can be used as a highlight or even just on its own for a pretty wash of colour.

Whilst I love this shadow I think I'll be getting rid of my MAC palette and investing in another one for my shadows as the magnets holding the shadows in place are extremely weak and this shadow along with another is now shattered (and only just about usable) because it's fallen out of the palette :( Has anybody else had this problem?