Sunday, 29 May 2011

Skinfood Creamy Smoky Crayon -, cute but is it any good?

I bought this Korean eye liner because not only can you not really have too many eye liners but also I loved the cute cupid design! I bought this off Rowena's blog sale for around £3.50 (I think). I have this eye liner in the shade "2" which is black but with what seems to be the slightest hint of olive colour with really fine and subtle glitter particles. It's a lovely colour, something which I wouldn't usually buy (as you may have noticed I'm very boring where colour is concerned) however it's so subtle that you can use it as your every day eye liner!
As you can see from the swatch the colour isn't quite black (and you can see the subtle glitter if you look really closely - squinting might also help). 
This eye liner is called "creamy" and at first I wasn't very impressed because it didn't show up very well and wasn't at all creamy however once warmed up on the skin it is extremely creamy and nice to use, so if you were to buy this I'd advise allowing it to soften before deciding whether or not you like it!

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Gloss Stick. Lovely product, not the best of colour choice on my part!

Now before I start I have to say, I love the actual product - it's extremely hydrating perfect for me as I tend to have quite dry lips - however I bought this of the internet (colour 09 Pink Sorbet) and didn't bother to look at swatches so I hardly ever use this purely because although it's pretty it's not a colour I reach for often soooo the moral of the story is look at swatches before buying online because it makes me a little sad that this product is not getting the lovin' it deserves!
Now, the packaging is quite pretty but the gold lid is very scratched (I've had it for a while) so if you want to keep it in perfect condition I'd advise not just dumping it with the rest of your make up 'cause mine is looking a little scruffy.
It's scrubbed up pretty well in the photos though so hopefully you can see how it's quite pretty in a grown-up kind of way :)
You can see how glossy it is in the swatch (and it is a pretty colour, do not be deceived by my fussiness I just don't reach for it like I do my others) it also has some shimmer - I do like this because I can't normally wear shimmery lipsticks they tend to make me look a little diseased this however is extremely glossy and hydrating so I approve of the formula! 
It's basically just a pigmented gloss in lipstick form, I do recommend it for people who tend to have dryer lips as I find it very hydrating - I think I might invest another gloss stick in a more suitable colour!
RRP: £18

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Jill Stuart Blush Quad "04 Hot Cherry" Review and Swatches

This blush is so pretty looking;
It's beautiful there's a brush attached (I will get on to this later) there is - like the lip balm which I reviewed - a little pink crystal on the casing! I think the main attraction with Jill Stuart make up is the packaging it's just so beautiful!
On to the actual product (because that's what it's all about right...not just looking cute?) So this blush swatches awfully I was so disappointed when it arrived and I swatched it;
These were swatched repeatedly to get this level of colour (at least 5 times) 1 colour - the first one - which is a highlight shade is hardly even visible. Can you even see it at all?
However don't let this put you off because when mixed together and applied to the face it leaves a very pretty and natural finish.
(Read more to see picture)

Sunday, 22 May 2011

The nicest, prettiest lipbalm ever made?! Jill Stuart Fruit Lip Balm 01 Tint

Okay, so lets make this clear the above picture taken by me does not do this product justice:
The promo shots however do! The lip balm looks exactly like the promo shots above (for some reason the picture taken by me makes the colour of the product look like a hot pink - it's not it's the exact bubble-gum kinda pink in the promo shot). So now you are able to appreciate the sheer beauty of this product I shall get down to business.
I love it  - so I may be being a little bias because I like cute things, crystals and pink so this product was pretty much made for me! However it's actually a lovely product. I get super dry lips and so I'm a bit of a lip balm fiend and since buying this beautiful creation I've not used another lip balm! 
It melts on your lips, which I love because you don't need very much at all and it feels amazing! You get 7g of product and although I've made a large dent in the product there's still around 50% left and I've had this for months!
It works too, not just a pretty face it seems to have instant healing powers and it's extremely hydrating! 
I have quite pigmented lips naturally and in the above photo I am only wearing the lip balm, it does have a slight tint on the lips though I imagine this will look different on everyone depending on the natural pigmentation/colour of your lips!
So, in total this cost me around £15 including shipping but it's completely worth every penny - I love this product!

Friday, 20 May 2011

FOTD: Bright Lips!

This look is so simply but I actually really like it. I'm wearing:
  • Bobbi Brown Gel Liner
  • MaxFactor False lash effect mascara
  • Collection 2000 Last colour "Bubblegum"
That is all no base make up (foundation, concealer) just the 3 products mentioned!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

£2.99 Dupe for MAC's Pink Friday? Review and swatches!

I never got the chance to buy MAC's Pink Friday lipstick but was told by Charli that this lipstick is a really good dupe. So I obviously had to have a little go just to see what the lipstick is like. The lipstick is Collection 2000 Everlasting Colour in the shade 6 Bubblegum and cost on £2.99 however there was a 2 for £4.99 offer on in Superdrug so I also bought a felt-tip eye liner review for that coming soon!
As you can see this a blue toned pink - very bright, very Barbie - I love it! I was quite worried at first that it'd make my lips look horrible with it being a matte colour however it feels quite hydrating and the pigmentation and quality is amazing for the price!
I'm definately going to try out some more colours and £3 a go or 2 for £4.99 whilst the deal's still on I think it's amazing!
What do you think? Is it a Pink Friday dupe? Would you wear Barbie Pink?

Too Faced Naked Palette. Review and Swatches!

How gorgeous is this palette?! This retails for around £26. I love how Too Faced package their products - to be honest packaging is my weakness, if it's cute I will buy it! This palette comes with 9 eye shadows which are split into 3 looks; Day, Classic and Fashion (swatches further down the post). There's also a little pull out draw with one double ended applicator - a sponge on one end and a brush on the other. I think that 3 applicators should have been included so then you get 1 for each look don't. I normally use my own brushes rather than those that come with palettes but this is an okay applicator - I didn't like using it but it's better than most!
You also get 3 cards with the palette (which are really quite difficult to pull out!) showing you show to create each of the looks, I actually really like these they're a really good idea for those new to make up or just looking to experiment!
Now for the Swatches!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick "Appleblossom" - the £1.99 Nude

I've seen quite a lot of hype around this product in the online beauty community - I've used this product for years on and off, I hate it by the way but I want to like it so much that I'll buy it over and over just to check that I don't like it really.
The colour is gorgeous; 

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

E.L.F All Over Colour Stick - Persimmon (I don't like this!!!)

I bought this ages ago after reading some relatively positive reviews - after all it was only £1.50. However even though I've had this product for months I've not yet used it, I hate hate hate the texture of this product which is frustrating because the colour would make a lovely highlight!
I love the colour, it's very pretty which makes it even more frustrating that I dislike the product - it's sticky and seems to drag on the skin and it's also not the easiest product to blend. 
I don't mind the smell it's kind of chocolate orange-y which is quite nice however am I the only one who expected the product the be bigger? It's tiny - then again you probably wont need a huge amount.
I've tried this on my lips but it's just far too frosty. Does anyone have any suggestions of how I can actually use this, because I really do think the colour is very pretty!

MAC Cremeblend Blush - So Sweet, So Easy

I bought this a little present to myself whilst on a break from a particularly nasty shift at work, I went looking for a cremeblend blush and this was for some reason the only pink shade at the MAC counter - it is however an extremely pretty shade:

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Dior Skin Nude Foundation review!

I just bought this foundation on the recommendation of many! I have dry/sensitive skin and this foundation is supposed to use "magic water" to ensure hydration and I must say it is the most hydrating foundation I've tried so far! It also has SPF10 which is always a plus!
(Sorry about the bad quality picture, my camera has ran out of battery so I had to rush when taking pictures!) I bought the colour 010 which is the lightest colour available - the foundation is really liquid-y and doesn't really have the cream like texture which most liquid foundations have, it's not a bad thing though.
(before and after pictures after the jump)

Friday, 13 May 2011

Majolica Majorca "Puff de Cheek" Review

I bought this purely because it's so adorable, but it's actually a nice product too! Majolica Majorca is an Asian brand not available in the UK I bought this from the ebay seller alphabeautyuk. I think this cost about £13 including shipping which is really quite a good price!

The colour that I bought is PK303 which looked like a hot pink in the photos supplied but it's actually a lot more subtle as shown in the photo below:

MAC Viva Glam (Lady Gaga) Lustre lipstick review

Okay, so I know I'm a bit late with this one - the lipstick has been around for ages now. I only bought it last weekend, it's been one of those products that I've wanted for a while but never actually got round to buying.
It's actually a really pretty blue-toned pink I really like the colour, it stood out to me whilst at the MAC counter but then again - it is my favourite colour!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Haul! Too Faced, Majolica Majorca, MAC & more

So, anyone that knows me would be able to tell you how unbelievable excited I have been to receive my latest purchases - I ordered them at a time when were had an unusual amount of bank holidays so they took ages to arrive! I can honestly say that they were all worth it though!

Please read more if you would like to know item details, I will review these products very soon!

Fibre Mascaras, the ultimate lengthener?!

Dawn and Marilyn (L) Primer and (R) Mascara
I've never before tried fibre mascaras so when I saw these for just £6 each (cheaper than most hightstreet/drugstore brands) I had to try them! 
The packaging is beautiful, I've truly never seen a prettier mascara in my life!