Saturday, 4 June 2011

Cheap and pretty NOTD

This is a nail look which I like to covert often because it's extremely pretty and natural and is extremely unlikely to clash with an outfit!
Sorry about the bad quality photo :/ (also how cute is my tattoo hehe)
At my previous job (Hollister&Co) make up wasn't really allowed nor was nail polish but as I hate to not wear it I'd go for a very natural looking pale pink but I've started adding a matte topcoat as it looks very pretty and makes it more interesting. For the picture I used:
  • ELF nail polish "Light Pink" - £1.50 It's not the best pale pink that I've used but it's not bad for the price it does take around 4 coasts to achieve an opaque colour.
  • 17 Matte topcoat - £3.99 
The products I've used are extremely cheap - I don't tend to spend a lot of money on Pale Pinks because it's a colour I use a lot and it often dries up or runs out.