Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Dry hair savior? Clashing opinions...

I was contacted about this product and immediately said yes, not because of the brand name (I'd never previously heard of them before) or because of the packaging but because this is a conditioner aimed at dry hair which promises add moisture to hair. I have very long, very dry hair - basically I just need a hair cut! I've tried tons and tons of different products which promise to "rescue" dry and damaged hair, none of which have made any noticeable difference meaning my search is never ending.
The product is from a brand called BiOrganic an organic brand it also retails at £7.99 - not badly priced for an organic brand. Lets get down to business? Now you've had my hair's life story I shall tell you about this conditioner...
It looks like this, which will probably come as no shock to those familiar with conditioner (all of you I should hope!). The white cream is thick, I like this...the thickness makes me feel like it's got a job to do. I hate thin, runny conditioners - they are like the wimps of the conditioner world. 
In regards to the smell, it's not great - it's not the kind of smell people will compliment you on but it's not offensive either. I'm passive towards the smell.
I felt an immediate change in my hair, I doesn't feel as dry and yes it does look a little more shiny - but the major difference?!
This conditioner is amazing for knotty hair, my hair loves to create dreadlocks however it's not done so since I started using this conditioner something which no other conditioner has been able to manage! However having naturally straight hair it's likely that the knots were due to dryness (maybe? I'm taking a stab in the dark here so please correct me if I'm wrong) and that the conditioner has moisturized my hair resulting in softer, nicer hair?
So you know I love it but on the other side, I gave it to my mum to use as we have different hair types (she has short, curly and healthier hair than me) and my mum claimed that it left a "horrible coating" on her hair - something which I haven't noticed myself but should be taken into account.

In conclusion? Yes, I would buy this product again I do really like how it makes my hair feel however it's not for everyone I'd recommend trying a sample before buying (if it's possible to do so). When my 250 ml bottle runs out (which wont take long I am a conditioner fiend) I will definitely repurchase. If you would like to purchase this product it's available from: http://www.biorganics.co.uk/

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes however all opinions are my own (apart from my mum's) and this has not effected my review. 

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