Sunday, 22 May 2011

The nicest, prettiest lipbalm ever made?! Jill Stuart Fruit Lip Balm 01 Tint

Okay, so lets make this clear the above picture taken by me does not do this product justice:
The promo shots however do! The lip balm looks exactly like the promo shots above (for some reason the picture taken by me makes the colour of the product look like a hot pink - it's not it's the exact bubble-gum kinda pink in the promo shot). So now you are able to appreciate the sheer beauty of this product I shall get down to business.
I love it  - so I may be being a little bias because I like cute things, crystals and pink so this product was pretty much made for me! However it's actually a lovely product. I get super dry lips and so I'm a bit of a lip balm fiend and since buying this beautiful creation I've not used another lip balm! 
It melts on your lips, which I love because you don't need very much at all and it feels amazing! You get 7g of product and although I've made a large dent in the product there's still around 50% left and I've had this for months!
It works too, not just a pretty face it seems to have instant healing powers and it's extremely hydrating! 
I have quite pigmented lips naturally and in the above photo I am only wearing the lip balm, it does have a slight tint on the lips though I imagine this will look different on everyone depending on the natural pigmentation/colour of your lips!
So, in total this cost me around £15 including shipping but it's completely worth every penny - I love this product!


  1. It looks so nice! Your making me want to break my spending ban...


  2. It's amazing! I love Asian cosmetics they're gorgeous x

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