Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Cute TKMaxx Haul, Some lovely bargains to be had!

So, if you follow me on twitter (which you should) then you'll know that I haven't had the chance to treat myself in a little while so I picked up a few bits whilst in TK Maxx with my lovely Mum and her friend Kaali!

So this is by far my favourite purchase of the day - I've been looking for a cute make up bag for a while and found this lovely Betsey Johnson for just £9.99 practically half price as it was originally $30 (just under £20) it's a good size - big enough to carry a fair amount but not too big to carry around in your bag!
I think the detailing is really cute and it was such a bargain!
I also bought this hair spray - it's so cute mainly the only reason why I purchased it. It's TIGI reduced from £9.99 to only £2 the scent is described as cherry and almond I'm not sure if I'm loving it but I'm sure I'll like the product! I've not actually tried it yet but I'll review it if any of you are interested.
I also bought these adorable make up brushes at just £3.99 each - they're by a brand called Essential Beauty which I've never heard of before and although I've not used them yet the foundation brush shed an awful lot however it seems fine now! These brushes are really soft and apart from a little initial shedding I think I'll like them.
Probably the best bargain of the day New Id i-dazzle Shimmering loose powder reduced from £21.50 to £4.99. It's so pretty as well;
It's very pretty, I got the colour Gold Pearl I think I'll enjoy this product because it's so versatile! 
This whole haul cost me just £24.96!


  1. Oh man I need that make up bag!! I went into our store at the weekend and it was shockingly bad in there. You got some great bits - you must have a decent store. x

  2. It's really hit and miss, the one I went to is quite small though so it's quite easy to pick up bargains as it's not very busy unlike some of the bigger stores near me! They only had one left of the design that I bought but they had some bigger sequinned ones for the same price too, I'll pick one up for you if you like when I next go (if they're still there!) x

  3. It's pretty isn't it, there was a fair bit of her stuff there! x

  4. there nearest TKMaxx to me is about a 50 minute drive away, booo. maybe on my next trip to Bristol i will pop in. so maany people pick up great things in there x

  5. I don't go often, I have a couple which are relatively close to me but it's so hit and miss that most of the time I forget about it! x

  6. Thanks, I've used them a couple of times now and they're actually quite good! xx