Wednesday, 6 July 2011

June Favourites!

Okay, so you might notice certain "staple" items missing from this months favorites post (foundation, mascara, concealer etc) this is either because I don't want to repeat last months post, Diorskin Nude is still my favourite foundation (maybe even HG status!) or because I just haven't had a favourite, I don't think I've just used one mascara this month that has particularly stood out to me so I decided not to include one.
On to the good stuffs?
  • MAC Fix+ This is such a marmite product in the beauty world but I personally really like this, I suffer from dry skin and it's nice and hydrating I posted about this product here so I wont say too much. Another use for it is in this hot weather (very unusual in England) it's so refreshing! (RRP £12.50)
  • MAC Complete Comfort Creme I hardly ever hear of MAC's skincare products (I'm happy to post a more detailed review of this if you like?) however after using up a sample given to me of this moisturizer I had to purchase the full sized version, it's extremely hydrating - I just wish it smelt better! (RRP £22.50)
Mmm, so I've had a bit of a thing for cheek products recently and have splurged on blushes/bronzers (on nearly every single shopping trip!) 
  • Topshop creme blush "Head over heals" this was a recent purchase and I love it, it's so pretty and a gorgeous hybrid of pink/peach/coral. You can build up the colour or use a little bit to give a pretty flushed look but either way it's gorgeous (RRP £6)
  • Nars blush/bronze trio including Orgasm blush, Albatross highlighter & Laguna bronzer, I love this it's so compact and convenient when traveling you can just pop it in your make up bag and it's all you need! I was so surprised as the highlighter was something I wasn't looking forward to however it's my favourite product which I will be purchasing in the full size once this runs out because it's so gorgeous, I swatched the colours here (RRP £39)
  • MAC Cheek and Cheerful Blush this featured in my May favourites post and I also wrote about it here this month I've been loving using it with Laguna bronzer! (This product is no longer available as it was limited edition, I bought it a year or so ago).

  • MAC Creme sheen lipstick in Creme Cup I posted about this here this was part of my birthday present of my beautiful best friend Judy (hello!) and I've worn it nearly every day it's a pink (kind of) nude which goes with any look! (RRP £13.50)
  • Clarins Lip perfecter (shade 01) this was given to me by my mums friend and I'm loving it, it's a lovely pink colour however it has no pigment when applied to the lips, it's also not really a glossy finish it's just a lovely creamy product which just makes lips look appealing and pretty! (RRP £12 I think)
So, that's it for my favourites this month, what were your favourites? Do you have any all time favourite products?


  1. I've always wanted to try some of Topshop range but never got round to it! Also the Clarins Lip Perfector looks lovely :) x x

  2. Great post. I'm still coveting that Nars trio! x

  3. I've never heard if Clarins Instant Light, it looks interesting, I love applicators like this.

  4. Love the look of the Nars trio! I also have MAC creme cup and love it! :) XX

  5. Thanks guys!
    GABY: You should try it out, it's very reasonably priced and tastes gorgeous (not that I recommend eating it but it's hard not to lick it off!)

    HANNAH & ZOE: I love the Nars trio, I use it so much it's one of my best purchases!

    JESSIE: You should try it, it's surprisingly good!

  6. I want to try that Clarins Lip product... the colour looks lush!!

    Loved your blog, dear :) Following you now!