Wednesday, 20 July 2011

MUA Pressed powder, overrated product.

Okay, so the title of this post is "underrated product" because although I don't really hear much about this particular product in the online beauty community 2 people I know - my best friend and my cousin - love this powder but I am really quite indifferent towards it, it doesn't really do the job I'd like it to but it was only £1 so I can't be too annoyed.
I apologise for the crappy picture this was not the easiest product to photograph! I am shade 1 if you were wondering.
Here is a better picture (which I got off the superdrug website)
MUA package there products exactly how a cheap make up brand should (like E.L.F) very simple. The particular packaging here however is unnecessarily bulky. 
You can 5.7g of product which is amazing considering it was only £1.

Now I've been using this powder purely as a setting powder over foundation in an attempt to make my foundation stay on a little longer, also since changing my skin care routine my skin has become less dry and I've found that I now have use for a face powder. 
I have no base make up on in this picture and as you can see there is a slight redness to my skin and visable freckles.
I've used the powder before (like I said over foundation) and have no experienced a problem with it, however when using it with no foundation/primer underneath the powder really irritated my skin, it stung a little and accentuated the redness. I do however have sensitive skin so this powder probably wont affect all in the same way.
In terms of coverage the pictures seem to show that it does offer a little coverage however I couldn't see a difference (or a difference for the better) when looking in the mirror. 

As you can probably tell from this post I am not impressed with the product, it makes an okay setting powder but that's about it. It's also quite messy, when swirling your brush into it more powder flies around the room than actually goes onto your brush. 


  1. I think for face products, you get what you pay for most of the time!

  2. Great review! :D I think I'll be sticking with my Nars pressed powder :P funny how the MUA powder wasn't great, the mosaic blush is fab! silly MUA hehe :) xxx

  3. @The Make-up Fairy - I agree with your statement to some extent but then you do get some "drugstore" gems, I love MaxFactor foundations for example! To be honest if it was more expensive I'd be quite annoyed with the crappy-ness of it but because it was so cheap I can hardly complain!
    @Coleyyyful - I'm new to MUA I've only tried this and I also purchased an eye dust which I've not yet cracked open but I'd love to try some more of their stuff (the palettes for example) because your posts about them make them look really good! xxx

  4. It is a pity it irritated your skin! I think I will definitely skip this since my skin is really sensitive!
    Thanks for this great review,
    Greetings from a new follower,