Tuesday, 12 July 2011

60's siren with Mary Quant lipstick? Errrrr not quite

It's quite cutely packaged in a strange bulky way...
I found this on ebay and had to buy it, not only because it cost me less than £2 but also because I'm a lover of the 60's fashion and being Mary Quant (inventor of the mini skirt and extremely influential designer) I was expecting erm...something not quite as crappy as the product is!
Mine is in the colour 41 Artful Pink which as you can see from the swatch below is such a pretty shade;
However I was so disappointed with the result;
It applies unevenly as you can see and highlights dry patches on my lips - making them look really chapped when I can confirm they are not at all! 
Does anyone remember the little make up sets you'd sometimes get with a Barbie? 
It is pretty much an exact dupe for one of those monstrosities - it smells the same and leaves a horrible, horrible taste in my mouth. My hatred could be due to the amount of shimmer in the product (I bought - and returned - an NYX lipstick of a similar colour and finish as I find they are extremely unflattering on me personally) but I doubt I'd try any more from the range because, although it was cheap, you can tell and it's just not a nice product :(


  1. Oh dear, what a shame! xxx

  2. This looks awful, such a shame! xx

  3. does this have purple/lavender undertones to it?

  4. I know! It's such a disappointment xx
    @ ANONYMOUS: It seems to have a little purple-ish reflect in the shimmer

  5. i just bought 'peach promise' and i had to know if it was just me or whether ALL of the lipsticks smelt bad. it smells like cheap soap. although the colour is very pretty it leaves a disgusting bitter taste in your mouth :(

  6. It is a pretty color but unfortunate it does not work that well. Thanks for letting us know how this was!

  7. I just ordered 'red scorcher', I hope it isnt as bad as the reviews seem! anyone experienced the other colours?