Friday, 1 July 2011

My current lipstick of choice (an all-time favourite?)

Can you tell what it is yet?
Creme Cup (MAC) is quite a recent purchase of mine - it was part of my birthday present off Judy - but since buying I've reached for it almost every day! It's a colour which doesn't necessarily stand out in my collection. It is however a gorgeous, subtle and natural colour which can be worn with any look.
It's a "creme sheen" finish meaning that although not as pigmented as other formulas (matte, for instance) it's extremely hydrating and has a subtle glossy sheen to it. The lipstick is pigmented though, don't get me wrong it lightens my pigmented lips to a very wearable almost nude/pink.
Apologies for the blurry lip swatch. Although this lip colour doesn't particularly stand out - or at least not compared to some of the more Barbie pink shades in my collection - it's the one I've been using the most and one which I will definitely repurchase because it's just so versatile.  
This lipstick is £13.50 and was bought by me on recommendation from Vivianna.


  1. It looks gorgeous, I really want it!

  2. You're welcome! Love Jude <3