Monday, 4 July 2011

E.L.F 32 piece eye shadow palette - cheap and cheerful!

(sorry about the crappy picture/shadow)

So, I've been a little naughty because the palette that I have is no longer available (I think it was a limited edition one from last Christmas) however it's only the colours which are different in the ones available now, there's nothing drasticly changed - I don't think! 
I actually have 2 of this palette one of which I received from Rowena of Cosmetic-candy and another as a free gift with purchase from They retail at £9 which is amazing for 32 eye shadow colours.
As you can see the packaging is crap, the mirror may as well not even exist and the rubbish (single) sponge applicator just looks pathetic in the huge tray (is that what it's called). However, it's more about the product than the packaging.
Shall we move on to swatches?
The eye shadows really vary in quality, some are surprisingly lovely with a decent amount of pigmentation while others leave a lot to be desired. 
Read more for swatches and my final thoughts on the product!

Some colours are a lot nicer in real life, the first colour on this swatch for example is barely noticeable on camera but is a really pretty colour. 

This row was the most disappointing of all, the colours were hard and were poorly pigmented (apart from the silvers which were ok) the 3rd colour to the right on the bottom row (supposed to be a matte black) was so awful that I had to repeatedly heavily swatch for it it to be picked up on camera.

In conclusion, this is not an expensive item and the colours which are nicely pigmented and easy to work with (mostly the brown/taupe colours) make the product worth the £9 however those used to luxury would not be very impressed. I recommend this for people wanted to experiment either just starting to use make up or wanted to experiment with different colours/looks!

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  1. hi, great post:) £9 is a great price for that palatte I always like experimenting with different colours but the swatches are really useful £9 is only cheap if the colours are worth it:) xox