Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Apologies, Updates and lots of love x

Sorry for being really rubbish and not posting much recently, I've been doing lots of over time at work and have spent very little time at home due to my boyfriend going away for a whole month :( It's been very stressful because in the 2 years of us being together we've never been completely out of contact but due to him going on an expedition thing in Africa we can't contact each other. I've been feeling extremely sorry for myself for around a week now.
But here is a pretty picture of a cute cat erm, just because!
On a lighter note: 
  • I shall be posting more as I've found some lovely new products recently
  • I also have 2 (yes indeed 2) HG skin care items, a rarity for me because due to sensitive/eczema prone skin so I'm extremely excited about these products and will make a post about them asap. If you're lucky I might include some really attractive pictures of me of the process of using said products!
Oh, and I also discovered that at some point today one lucky little insect had a huge feast on my legs which are now the proud owners of various insect bites...very attractive!

Has anyone got any exciting plans for the summer or a good joke?  


  1. aw, sorry about your boyfriend- that sucks! and double sorry about those insect bites. but what a cute cat picture, haha!

    can't wait for your next posts x

    ramz and the flock