Friday, 1 July 2011

I love a bargain... (MAC)

Sooo, I was having a little ebay browse when I came across this; Giggly mineralize blush (limited edition from MAC's Quite Cute collection). It was in an auction ending soon after I spotted it so I bid, not expecting to win and got the product for a total of £11.75 including postage! Which is amazing because the blushes are more expensive than that originally and due to it being a L.E sell out I assumed it'd go for more pennies!
I was so happy to win as I wanted to buy it when the Quite Cute collection was released but only got round to looking once it'd already sold out :(
I like the Mineralize blushes, I think they have a really pretty finish and the pigmentation is spot on. Not so pigmented that the littlest amount will make you look like Ronald McDonald but a nice amount - you can see the colour of the product but it's not crazy. Nice and wearable!
(Pink, Purple (heart), Both colours mixed)
The blush has quite a lot of shimmer, but not to the extent where you look like a disco ball just so that you have a pretty kind of "glow". It's not a colour I would usually go for due to the plum undertones however it is very pretty and I can see myself using it!

F.Y.I When shopping on ebay it's important that you read the sellers feedback before buying, it's rare to get such a bargain and it's also possible that you'll receive fakes which is why it's always best to read feedback and check their positive percentage. I normally buy Asian beauty products of ebay rather than those available in the UK but I could never say no to such an amazing bargain!


  1. Such a good deal! I might go look for the purple blush they had in this collection, I completely forgot to pick it up! x

  2. I think it's still available, they had some left at one of my local Mac counters. I couldn't see myself wearing a purple blush because I'm just so unadventurous! x

  3. That's great advice about checking the seller's rating and feedback. Great bargain for you there!