Friday, 1 July 2011

My first ever YSL Rouge Volupte!

So after reading millions (almost) of rave reviews of YSL's Rouge Volupte lipsticks I knew I had to invest in one or two. They're available on Cheap Smells at a lower retail price than on the YSL counters however the colour range is limited and I'm not sure how reliable the swatches are. I bought mine in shade 7 (unavailable on Cheap Smells) and it cost £22 - expensive but the packaging makes up for that because it's very glam and pretty. Oh and the product itself of course!
I love how they look! I also love how the pink colour on the packaging corresponds to the pink of the lipstick (it's the same for every shade), I love that you don't have to individually open each lipstick to see the colour like most!
Now, I'm sure you'll all be very shocked to see that I bought a Barbie pink shade - so completely out of character ;) haha! I love the ultra-creamy consistency of this lipstick, it's gorgeous to apply. 
And even though I shouldn't I keep licking it off because it tastes so nice!!!
It's a very pretty shade (not looking so hot on me but I hadn't used a liner/primer so I think I can be excused!). YSL Rouge Volupte's definitely live up to the hype!


  1. This looks amazing!! I've never tried these just because of the price tag. It is definatly on my Xmas list!! LOL xxx

  2. Oh I was sneaky and bought it on my break from work so I wouldn't get the whole money lecture haha xxx