Monday, 11 July 2011

MAC Semi Precious collection - MSF Crystal Pink

I limited myself to just one item from the semi precious collection because although on the whole I wasn't very impressed or excited for its release a few products did catch my eye, the mineral skin finishes! They are all so pretty and it was hard to choose just one however I kept the promise I made to myself and picked up just one, the colour that stood out to me from the second I caught wind of the collection.
Unlike most others, it wasn't Rose Quatrz (is it just me or is that spelt wrong? I copied it from the MAC website...) the stand out colour for me is Crystal Pink.
It's extremely glittery, which some may love whereas many I'm guessing will hate that - the glitter in the swatches (which I'll include later on in the post) makes it look extremely scary however I have used it as a highlighter and it's a lot more subtle on.
(L-R Outer colour, Inner "blob", Mixed)
This MSF is so, so pretty and not just to look at! It's a very pretty highlight especially when applied lightly with only a little dusting of the inner "blob." I only bought this on Saturday so I've not had much chance to experiment with it yet, I'm loving it so far though!
I might buy some more from the collection at some point however I'm still undecided!
What do you use your MSF as/for?


  1. I love MSFs but wasn't overly impressed with these. I thought I would want them all. I use mine as blush if they're not too glittery :)

  2. Can't wait to see some more of experimenting with that!