Friday, 29 July 2011

Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Rose Petal

Now before I start this post I'd like to excuse the poor quality pictures, I have no idea what's wrong with my camera but they seem to decrease in quality once I've uploaded them to my computer.

You're probably thinking, why on earth am I posting about Natural Collection lipsticks after my very critical post about the shade Apple Blossom, I can't resist though the colours are so, so pretty and the £1.99 price tag is also extremely appealing!
I've come to the conclusion after purchasing the shade rose petal that the lipsticks are not dehydrating (as I originally thought) but cling to flaws and dry patches, which isn't good but then again it's hard to find a lipstick which hides rather than accentuates blemishes. 
The colour is a gorgeous pinky/peachy/coral it's unlike anything I have in my collection and I find it much more wearable than Apple Blossom, however the lipstick is still quite pale toned.
I love the colour, the finish is semi-matte it has a slight sheen but looks matte from a distance. It's also not too harsh on any dry patches though I'd definitely steer clear if you have chapped lips. I'm loving this lipstick, it's so, so pretty and it's restored my faith in Natural Collection cosmetics! 


  1. wowzers, i need this colour in my life! Have you tried any other ones by natural collection? I have one in 'apple blossom' which is a nice pinky colour :) x

  2. It's lovely isn't it! I have apple blossom which I posted about here: It's a gorgeous colour but isn't very flattering on because it tends to highlight dry patches.
    I think Rose Petal is a lot more wearable but I've not tried any of the other colours, I'll have to though! xxx

  3. I find natural collection a bit hit and miss. Some of their nail polish is awful but some is amazing. I've used their tinted moisturiser since I was about 12 and wouldn't use anything else! And their eyeshadows are great too. I just bought a Sheer natural lippie from them in Lotus and I'm not sure if I like it or not!

  4. I have this! ilove the colour, and they are quite creamy :)

  5. i really like natural collection thing's, i like their lipstick in sweet pea, it look's nice when it's wearing off and just put on :)

  6. very pretty, super flattering on you! i like it a lot :)