Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick "Appleblossom" - the £1.99 Nude

I've seen quite a lot of hype around this product in the online beauty community - I've used this product for years on and off, I hate it by the way but I want to like it so much that I'll buy it over and over just to check that I don't like it really.
The colour is gorgeous; 

It's a lovely pink toned nude with just enough pink to stop you from looking like you went a bit overboard with concealer. 
Why do I hate it then?
This is why!
Yes it's a lovely colour
Yes it's cheap
But it also makes my lips look vile - this lipstick has an amazing talent of making my lips look dry and chapped no matter how moisturised they are! I requires constant reapplication because it looks even worse when it begins to wear off.
This may all be because I have naturally dry lips - however I don't have this problem with other lipsticks. 
I do however recommend this lipstick to those with flawless lips as it is a lovely colour.


  1. Oh wow I'd heard so much good about this that it's really interesting to hear you've had a bad experience. Have you tried any other shades?

  2. I haven't tried any other shades - it might just be this particular one as like I said I do have quite dry lips naturally but this lipstick just doesn't work for me regardless of the condition of my lips :( it's quite sad because it's a lovely colour and so cheap!

  3. I have this too and am not very impressed.
    I loved it at first as I'm a fan of nude lippies but I then started to realise that it kind of sank into the lines on my lips and you're right, I had to reapply it every half an hour or so! Crazy.
    Nice colour but as for the texture... Pffff.


  4. Ah, it's reassuring to know that it's not just me, have you found nudes with nicer textures? Because I'm on the look out for one! xo

  5. i've heard a lot of bad things about this but i have really pigmented lips and a nude is the only way to tone them down. i love myth by mac but it's so pricey and even that dries my lips out. as it's so cheap might still give it a try and use a gloss with it. as spending £13.50 on a lipstick every few weeks gets very pricey x

  6. It's worth a try because it's only £1.99 so if you don't like it it's not bank breaking!
    I have really pigmented lips too, it's quite frustrating when looking for nudes because I need a thicker formula but then it's just dehydrating. I think I might have to go on a search for the perfect nude!
    Let me know if this works for you x

  7. Lol I like how your so honest in your reviews. I think you say hate almost as much as me! I do agree its a lovely colour though

  8. Thank you :) I almost always read reviews before buying a product regardless of price and hope that by being honest I can help others who do the same as me!
    Haha, I can be a bit dramatic but I do hate it! xx

  9. So funny that you keep buying despite hating! Lol

    Pretty colour though. X

  10. I'd throw it away and then a few months later decide to try it again - just in case. Not again - it will never work for me.
    I do love the colour though - I think that's why I kept re-buying it! x