Sunday, 29 May 2011

Skinfood Creamy Smoky Crayon -, cute but is it any good?

I bought this Korean eye liner because not only can you not really have too many eye liners but also I loved the cute cupid design! I bought this off Rowena's blog sale for around £3.50 (I think). I have this eye liner in the shade "2" which is black but with what seems to be the slightest hint of olive colour with really fine and subtle glitter particles. It's a lovely colour, something which I wouldn't usually buy (as you may have noticed I'm very boring where colour is concerned) however it's so subtle that you can use it as your every day eye liner!
As you can see from the swatch the colour isn't quite black (and you can see the subtle glitter if you look really closely - squinting might also help). 
This eye liner is called "creamy" and at first I wasn't very impressed because it didn't show up very well and wasn't at all creamy however once warmed up on the skin it is extremely creamy and nice to use, so if you were to buy this I'd advise allowing it to soften before deciding whether or not you like it!

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