Tuesday, 17 May 2011

E.L.F All Over Colour Stick - Persimmon (I don't like this!!!)

I bought this ages ago after reading some relatively positive reviews - after all it was only £1.50. However even though I've had this product for months I've not yet used it, I hate hate hate the texture of this product which is frustrating because the colour would make a lovely highlight!
I love the colour, it's very pretty which makes it even more frustrating that I dislike the product - it's sticky and seems to drag on the skin and it's also not the easiest product to blend. 
I don't mind the smell it's kind of chocolate orange-y which is quite nice however am I the only one who expected the product the be bigger? It's tiny - then again you probably wont need a huge amount.
I've tried this on my lips but it's just far too frosty. Does anyone have any suggestions of how I can actually use this, because I really do think the colour is very pretty!


  1. You could try it as a creamy eyeshadow?x

  2. I'll have a go, I'd love to use it as a high light but I just find it hard to blend and it's so sticky so I doubt know if it'd make a good eye shadow but it's worth a try!
    Thank you :) x