Sunday, 29 May 2011

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Gloss Stick. Lovely product, not the best of colour choice on my part!

Now before I start I have to say, I love the actual product - it's extremely hydrating perfect for me as I tend to have quite dry lips - however I bought this of the internet (colour 09 Pink Sorbet) and didn't bother to look at swatches so I hardly ever use this purely because although it's pretty it's not a colour I reach for often soooo the moral of the story is look at swatches before buying online because it makes me a little sad that this product is not getting the lovin' it deserves!
Now, the packaging is quite pretty but the gold lid is very scratched (I've had it for a while) so if you want to keep it in perfect condition I'd advise not just dumping it with the rest of your make up 'cause mine is looking a little scruffy.
It's scrubbed up pretty well in the photos though so hopefully you can see how it's quite pretty in a grown-up kind of way :)
You can see how glossy it is in the swatch (and it is a pretty colour, do not be deceived by my fussiness I just don't reach for it like I do my others) it also has some shimmer - I do like this because I can't normally wear shimmery lipsticks they tend to make me look a little diseased this however is extremely glossy and hydrating so I approve of the formula! 
It's basically just a pigmented gloss in lipstick form, I do recommend it for people who tend to have dryer lips as I find it very hydrating - I think I might invest another gloss stick in a more suitable colour!
RRP: £18


  1. Looks a really pretty shade, i love the estee lauder lippies xx

  2. It is a pretty shade I just never seem to wear it! I'm definitely going to buy more! x