Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Fibre Mascaras, the ultimate lengthener?!

Dawn and Marilyn (L) Primer and (R) Mascara
I've never before tried fibre mascaras so when I saw these for just £6 each (cheaper than most hightstreet/drugstore brands) I had to try them! 
The packaging is beautiful, I've truly never seen a prettier mascara in my life!

This is what the primer looks like (sorry about the out of focus photo) you can clearly see the fibres on the wand - which is a medium sized brush. The primer is a lovely bright blue which I must be honest I didn't like at first as I thought it might be hard to completely cover with the mascara however, it is covered easily so panic over!
This mascara is SUPER legnthening
I think the fibres cling to the end of your lashes giving a false lash effect, I've never used a mascara which adds so much length. 
It's not completely clear on the picture but you can (sort of) see where the fibres have stuck to the ends of my lashes - this is with the primer alone the mascara also has fibres so it's not necessary to use both products however I did notice that the primer gave my "curl" to my lashes so it does look nicest with both!
This is the end result with both the primer and mascara (please ignore the fact that my eyebrows are desperately in need of a wax).
Overall opinion: The mascara is extremely lengthening however it tends to clump lashes together giving the lovely spider lash effect but that's easily fixed by using an eyelash comb to separate lashes. I do like this and think that for a total of £12 for both products it's well worth a try!

However although I've been using this mascara for the past few days and really like it the fibres can fall off and into your eyes which is a killer, especially as I also have hay fever and any sort of eye rubbing is just disastrous! 

I purchased these products from the lovely Rowena @ cosmetic candy! 

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