Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Jill Stuart Blush Quad "04 Hot Cherry" Review and Swatches

This blush is so pretty looking;
It's beautiful there's a brush attached (I will get on to this later) there is - like the lip balm which I reviewed - a little pink crystal on the casing! I think the main attraction with Jill Stuart make up is the packaging it's just so beautiful!
On to the actual product (because that's what it's all about right...not just looking cute?) So this blush swatches awfully I was so disappointed when it arrived and I swatched it;
These were swatched repeatedly to get this level of colour (at least 5 times) 1 colour - the first one - which is a highlight shade is hardly even visible. Can you even see it at all?
However don't let this put you off because when mixed together and applied to the face it leaves a very pretty and natural finish.
(Read more to see picture)

As you can see it's not something you'd wear if you wanted to stand out but it is a very pretty every day blush - if I wasn't such a packaging freak I'd say it wasn't worth the money (about £36) but because I am indeed a sucker for packaging I don't regret buying this (I got it a little cheaper off Rowena's blog sale). 
How gorgeous is the brush?! I've read so many reviews where people haven't liked this goat-hair brush and yes I agree about it smelling a bit funky. After washing this brush (it didn't really need it but I was washing my whole collection) it's gotten a lot nicer and a lot softer.
It's a lot of money for a product which although is stunning to look at is not better quality than blushes which are dramatically cheaper - however it is a pretty natural looking blush with only the slightest of shimmer and is really good if like me, you are a sucker for pretty products!


  1. Such a gorgeous product, beautiful packaging, Shame i can't buy it cos of the goat hair brush attached :( xx

  2. It's detachable. How come you can't use the brush? xxx