Thursday, 19 May 2011

£2.99 Dupe for MAC's Pink Friday? Review and swatches!

I never got the chance to buy MAC's Pink Friday lipstick but was told by Charli that this lipstick is a really good dupe. So I obviously had to have a little go just to see what the lipstick is like. The lipstick is Collection 2000 Everlasting Colour in the shade 6 Bubblegum and cost on £2.99 however there was a 2 for £4.99 offer on in Superdrug so I also bought a felt-tip eye liner review for that coming soon!
As you can see this a blue toned pink - very bright, very Barbie - I love it! I was quite worried at first that it'd make my lips look horrible with it being a matte colour however it feels quite hydrating and the pigmentation and quality is amazing for the price!
I'm definately going to try out some more colours and £3 a go or 2 for £4.99 whilst the deal's still on I think it's amazing!
What do you think? Is it a Pink Friday dupe? Would you wear Barbie Pink?


  1. Ooooh - It's a lovely pink. I'm more of a red(as blood) girl but I may give this a go

  2. Collection 2000 lippies are surprisingly good. I own a couple too :)

    I'm not a 'barbie pink' person myself but it's a nice colour to look at :D


  3. I love red lipstick especially with my furry Russian hat - makes me feel very exotic!

    I'm not sure if I'd wear it regularly it's not exactly something I could rock on a daily basis but I do like it! I've never tried the lipstick before but really want to get more now they are really good for the little money they cost!

  4. I'm so getting this! I love it! x

  5. Wow what a gorgeous colour on you, great spot xx

  6. Ah it looks so good on you :) Thanks for the mention too hunnie xx

  7. Thanks for recommending it! & Thank you x

  8. Awwww I love this shade, its so cute!

    xo Lynzy

  9. Love it, fab shade.

    Sadie xx