Monday, 3 October 2011

September Favourites

I found it quite hard to find my most worn products of September as I pretty much used the same products everyday. I didn't want to show you things that have featured in my favourites posts before as I don't want to bore you all, I have however gathered together a few products which I have absolutely loved throughout September (and I'm sure I'll continue to love them).

  • Dolly Wink False eyelashes & Case
  • Dolly Wink Liquid eyeliner
I'm sure you are all aware of my love for Asian make up and I've had these products for months and months now but didn't really use them until recently. The liquid eyeliner has a firm paint brush-esque brush (it's like a hybrid between normal liquid liner and felt tip liner) which is so nice and easy to work with, mine is in the colour "Deep black" and it's by far the best liquid liner I've ever used - I know many others also rave about this eyeliner so I'd definitely recommend checking it out!
I neglected these lashes when I first got them as I felt that they didn't look "right". However I've been wearing these none stop recently (in fact I think they may be on their last legs so I'll have to buy some more!) The glue the lashes came with is AMAZING!!! so I'll definitely be purchasing the full sized tube.
As you can see, I haven't yet gotten round to wear the bottom lashes (I'm not quite brave enough) though I think they'd be amazing for a 60's look. 
The case has also came in handy and I just pop it in my bag when I'm out and it covers any possible lash disasters (like when your lashes are falling off and a bit of glue is needed!) not that I've had any since using the Dolly Wink lash glue.
Another favourite of mine is my MAC 224, which I use for concealer (it's supposed to be an eye brush however I have the 224SE which I use for my eyes) when I first started using this I was a little disappointed as I found it didn't blend my concealer well enough, however I used it a couple more times and now I'm in love! It's perfect for under-eye concealer.
  • LUSH lip scrub
  • Lanolips 101 Ointment
These two products have been saviours recently, I wont talk too much about them as I'm planning on doing a post on how I care for my lips (I'm a lip balm freak-o). All I'll say for now is that I am completely loving these babies!
I told you there wasn't much this month! 
Also I must say, the Lanolips 101 ointment was a complete bugger to photograph!


  1. Ive been wanting to get into Asian make up more, I always hear great things about it. So far I only own the Missha BB cream and I love it. I'll have to check Dolly Wink out. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. The bottom lashes look so good!
    I've been dying for some dolly wink lashes for ages as I'm a falsie addict haha
    Lovely post!

  3. I love the bubblegum lip scrub too, it really does help! xxx

  4. I love the Dolly Wink case - what a great case and the lashes are cute too. I'm a huge fan of the Lip Scrubs, we have 3 flavours now in the house. My daughter bought home a new one Saturday which is green but I've not investigated that one yet! Mel x

  5. @Nadin: I love Asian make up, the mark up on sites is quite a lot compared to what you'd pay in Asia but it's not much more expensive than most highstreet/drugstore brands and most of it is much better quality! xxx
    @Lions and Tigers and Make-up: I'm excited to try the bottom lashes I think they'd look great I've just never used them before! xxx
    @Amy: I know I love, love, love it! xxx
    @30SomethingMel: Ooh, you'll have to let me know how it goes, the bubblegum one appealed to me most in store as it just smells lovely! & The case is adorable isn't it! xxx