Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Kawaii Nails, cute NOTD.

I don't often do NOTD posts because I have such teeny tiny nails that I can never really do anything too exciting with them - aside from getting false nails, which don't look right on my tiny hands (apart from short acrylics but I'm giving my poor nails a break from those!).
I do occasionally however get a little handy with nail stickers, the ones used in this look were £2.99 (£2.49 before VAT) from Sally's.
Sorry about the slightly messy application, this isn't obvious off camera.
The stickers are so easy to use, you simply apply on top of dry nail polish and then once applied to the nail you apply a top coat. Simple! 
It's such a cute and pretty look created with such little effort, I am slowly building up a little collection of nail stickers so that I can alternate looks. 


  1. These nails are so cute! :D xox


  2. Oooh these are adorable! I love those stickers! I feel your pain with tiny nails :( xx

  3. Ooooh I do love a cute nail sticker! Very nice :-)

  4. Such a cute look! How frustrating is it when application looks worse on camera than in actual view, it happens to me every single time!

  5. @Confessions of a makeuplover: Thank you! xxx
    @ScienceGeek: Thank you, it's rubbish isn't it! xxx
    @Edie: Thank you xxx
    @Emmabovary: Thanks, I know it's really annoying isn't it xxx