Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Inglot ships to the UK finally! My freedom palette.

I was so excited to hear that Inglot now ship to the UK as before hand it was near impossible for me to get hold of the brand. I've been wanting to try Inglot for months after hearing such great things about the brand so I made my (little) order instantly. As I'd never tried anything from Inglot before I decided to just go for a couple of eye shadows however for the £5 P&P I wish I'd have bought a little more now. 
The high quality products I received however more than make up for the P&P charge!
I purchased:

The eye shadow refills I bought were:
  • 363 Matte
  • 08 Shine
  • 53 AMC
  • 423 Pearl
Wanna see inside my palette?
Without Flash
With Flash
Surprise surprise I built a little neutral palette, I must say though the shades are different to other neutrals that I have and this compact (and sturdy!) little palette will probably have a permanent place in my make up bag.
When I say sturdy, I mean it the shadows and lid are held in place my little magnets. I had a bit of a disaster with the highlight shade (top-left) when trying to remove it from my palette...these are such soft shadows that even the slightest pressure will result in an indent, thankfully though I managed to squish the shadow pack into place in the pan and lost only a tiny amount.
Wanna see swatches?
These shadows, as you can see are so gorgeous and so pigmented I'm really excited to use them!
I'm sure I'll be placing more orders with Inglot in the near future!


  1. Beautiful swatches. These are so pigmented. Following your wonderful blog now :)

  2. At last, best news ever!x

  3. I know! I was excited I had to order straight away! x