Monday, 26 September 2011

My new love: MAC Melba blush

I ordered this online when MAC decided to treat us all to free P&P, I'd previously looked at this instore and swatched it before deciding I didn't like it - must have been the lighting? However for some reason I decided to give it another go and ordered it off the internet.
I'm so glad I did purchase this because it's definitely my favourite blush. It's a matte finish, meaning there is no glitter or shimmer and it's also really pigmented you don't need to use a lot of product. Whilst pigmented the colour of the blush means that even if you do go a little overboard it isn't too bad and it's also easy to blend out.
It's such a gorgeous peachy pink colour, which gives a natural flush to the face! The peachy-ness (I think I may just be making words off now) of this blush is so different to my other pink blushes and I think I have a new found love for peachy things!
This has fast become my everyday blush colour.
Here is a picture of me wearing the blush :D
I don't often dress as an Egyptian, this was taken at my cousins 21st birthday party (it was fancy dress) due to the unimpressed look on my face this is possibly the moment when the strippers emerged.


  1. Pretty colour... but I must not buy more blushers, I have LOADS.

  2. I don't know what it is about blushes, I seem to just want more and more, I have loads too haha xxx

  3. I have this, it's so gorgeous :) xxx

  4. "I don't often dress as an Egyptian" ahah that made me laugh! I love this blush on you, lovely!

  5. Love this shade!!!! Looks fab on you honey <3
    Nice blog...I'm following!!!
    Would love a follow back from you!

    1. Thank you! I'll check out your blog now x

  6. thats a gorgeous color looks great on your skin tone! :)

  7. Wow I love this on you - and you look hot as an Egyptian! :D
    Nic x

  8. This looks so gorgeous! Lovely blog :) xx

  9. Hahaha love the whole unimpressed stripper face! The colour really looks pretty on you!

  10. oh my gosh! this color looks so gorgeous!