Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Cute gift set (present to myself)

First of all, I'd like to apologise for my erratic blogging I've been really, really busy so it's been hard to post regularly. I did want to share with you something which caught my eye in Boots today, I was having a browse around the Christmas gift section when this cute little set caught my eye.
Sorry about the bad quality pictures, I had to take them in artificial light as I was too excited to wait until the morning to share this beauty with you all!
I've seen the Fearne Cotton make up range before but never actually purchased anything, I couldn't resist this set of six nail polishes though. The packaging is so pretty, I love the box, it's a little drawer and the print on both the outside and inside is just gorgeous.
A better look at the colours included.
The colours are gorgeous, unlike most sets I actually love every single shade and would wear each one! There are two sets available and I chose the brighter set as although the darker shades were also very pretty I think the shades in this set are just gorgeous! 
I will probably pick up the other set at some point though :)
In terms of the actual polish, I have only used the red but I can say after 2 thin coats you get a completely opaque finish. None of the shades in this set have any shimmer or glitter at all. This set is a completely bargain at £12! 


  1. I love Fearne's polishes and I love the fact that there is two different sets this year. ^_^

    1. I know, I was shocked at how good the quality of the polishes are! x

  2. This is cute!!!!!!!! They only sell these in Europe?

    1. They're lovely. I think these are only available in Europe x