Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Rock 'n' Roll FOTD, inspired by Beauty's Bad Habit

I loved Lily's recent Rock night FOTD (link) and when I got dressed this morning I thought a similar look would look great with what I was wearing!
It look me less than 5 minutes to create this look, I simply put on some Etude House BB cream, MAC's Russian Red lipstick and Lancome Doll eyes mascara and Topshop Bold Liner in Graphite, which is a lovely grey colour that looks great against my blue/grey eyes. Simples.
I'm going for a really casual look today so I'm wearing:
Artwork in the background created by the wonderful Sadie (age 2, it's a butterfly apparently). 
I love the denim waist jacket it was a bargain £20 from H&M a couple of years ago, it was a Limited Edition item so I never see other people wearing it, which is always a plus!


  1. This looks really suits you - love the jacket, shame it was LE, I'd probably have bought it!

  2. Thank you! I know I'm so glad I snapped it up when I did! x

  3. Bloody hell - I've never seen Russian Red look so phenomenal before! Love this look, you're absolutely gorgeous xxxx

  4. love this look, really suits you xx

  5. Love this look, the red lip looks amazing! x

  6. love your denim vest! cute makeup look, love the classics :D

  7. Love this look, you look fab :).

    Sadie x

  8. love this look- you look so pretty! xox

  9. @NoraDaisy: Thank you :) xxx
    @Charlotte: Thanks, it's my perfect red! xxx
    @Socialitedreams: Thank you :) I love it too, I wish I got the chance to wear it more! xxx
    @Sadie: Thank you xxx
    @Confessions of a makeuplover: Thank you so much xxx