Thursday, 15 September 2011

Late, but so on the hype for this product

I though I'd post about something I really like after posting quite negatively previously.
Does this look familiar to any of you? 
It's Vegas Volt I know, I know I am very late to pick up on this one but it wasn't until I swatched this lipstick in store that I realised exactly why everyone was going crazy for it!
Described by MAC as a "high impact coral" this is probably the brightest lipstick I own, it really stands out but I love it. It really livens up an otherwise dull look with very little effort! 
It's not exactly an every day lipstick but I've found that wearing this with nothing but a little mascara (and very natural base make up) looks lovely for a more casual look, I like to put this on when I'm in work because it gives the impression that I've more effort into my appearance than I actually have - always good for a lazy girl like me! 
The lipstick is an amplified finish and is very highly pigmented but not at all dehydrating, I would describe it as glossy but it certainly have some sort of sheen to it.
To those who like me saw the many posts about this lipstick but refrained from buying I really think you should check this out in store because it's hard to do it justice with out you seeing it in real life! 


  1. This is gorgeous!
    I already have two lovely coral lipsticks though so not sure I can justify purchasing this!

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  2. Oh yay i recently won a giveaway and asked for this lipstick, now i'm looking forward to it arriving :) xx

  3. this colour looks so lovely on you! x

  4. It looks really pink in the top picture but it's not, confused me haha! :) Love this colour and it looks fab on you! Great post xxx

  5. @Lucy: It's definitely worth a little splurge! xx
    @Laura*loves*makeup: It's gorgeous isn't it! xx

  6. @Kia: Thank you! xx
    @Hannah: I think it's just the lighting really, a lot of swatches online (mine included) just don't do it justice, it's really one you need to really in real life! & Thank you xxx