Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Is it worth the hype? My views on MUA Heaven and Earth Palette

I'm sure this little palette - and when I say little I mean little! - looks familiar to you it's been the talk of the town for us British bloggers, but is this really worth the hype?
This palette is smaller than it appears in pictures, it's a cute little thing that will fit into you make up bag making it ideal for traveling! It's only £4 too, for a whopping 12 eyeshadows. 
Now if you've been living under a rock/been on holiday for a long time you may think "for something so cheap the quality must be rubbish" but seen as though MUA shadows (which retail at £1 each) have taken the beauty world by storm I will not bother to address such questions as it's a brand loved by all who sell high quality products at teeny tiny prices!
The question of whether the palettes would be as good quality as the single eyeshadows did cross my mind but after swatching I can confirm that all shadows (in this particular palette) as just as amazing as those sold separately. 
Undoubtedly comparisons with this palette and the legendary (and personal favourite of mine) Urban Decay Naked palette - I would say that although the shades are not the same as the more expensive palette I would class the Heaven and Earth palette as a cheaper alternative - great for neutral lovers like me or those starting out in make up not wanting to fork out a lot of money for eye products.
Want to see some swatches?
I found that swatches I've seen online have not been completely true to life - so I have taken pictures both with and without flash in order to try and give you a better idea of what the shades look like.
As you can see the colours are of a shimmer or glitter finish, no matte shades in sight.
It cannot be denied that the palette is amazing, especially considering the price though I wish there were a few matte shades thrown in too. For £4 though, you can hardly complain. 
Personally, this will be a palette that I pack in my make up bag when travelling or staying at a friends house because the size is so travel friendly.


  1. I don't think the palette is little! Normal sized :)
    I bought it the other week and at first I thought it was OK, but now I really like it :)

  2. I'm definitely going to get my hands on it once it comes back in stock. Even if it's not quite as good as the Naked palette, it still seems great value!! xx

  3. @Louise: Ok so maybe I did make it sound a little smaller than it is but it is very compact and much smaller than my other palettes! xx
    @The Fashion Freak: I'm surprised because there's loads at my local super drug, but it seems to be sold out everywhere else! It is great value and definitely worth picking up! xx

  4. I think this would be perfect for natural everyday looks when you feel like adding a bit more glow, just quick and simple. And I would not feel guilty to use it every day cause of the price. Perfect! xx

  5. @Lions and Tigers and Make-up: I know the shadows are great quality and because of the price you don't really need to hold back or be conservative with your usage of it! xxx

    @Sal: I know, it's a lovely palette xxx