Monday, 5 September 2011

Will Lancome help me achieve the Doll eyes look?

I've heard so, so much about this cute little mascara and decided that of course I have to have it! I've always loved the Doll like look, and had extremely high hopes for this mascara - which at first although it didn't seem spectacular after 2 coats I was extremely pleased with the result, I can even say that the length given is comparable to the results of some fibre mascaras which I have tried.
The packaging, which I do believe to be important is so, so pretty. I think it's the packaging - along with the name that made me want to purchase this mascara as although I normally research into products (read reviews etc) before purchasing a high end product I found very little on this new product.
Want to see the wand?
It's quite thick at the base and tapers in to a point, this according to the MA was designed so that it would be easy to use for the bottom lashes. I personally like the brush, I'm not a big fan of plastic/comb wands so this was a plus for me!
Ready for some before and after shots?
As you can see the mascara is great at lengthening however my lashes seem to be lacking in volume (or maybe I'm just getting too used to wearing false lashes!)
Although it looks "clumpy" in the picture, I found that I much prefered the mascara after the second coat - I am loving this mascara though because it really does the job and I'm sure it'll be a firm favourite with me.

The picture above illustrates how my lashes look after just 2 coats of Lancome's Doll Eyes mascara. This effect I have to say is one that can only be achieved after 3 or 4 coats of other mascaras I have tried, some even are completely incapable of this effect.
I love it :) It's an expensive mascara, I know many people don't like to spend a lot on high end mascaras and this one is on the pricey side at £20.50. Is it worth it? Yes, I think it is.
What's your favourite mascara? 


  1. I love both DiorShow Iconic and Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill. I feel that DiorShow gives me fuller lusher lashes but Armani makes the lashes a bit more separated and natural looking.

  2. I've not tried either mascaras but I've heard very good things about both! I'll have to give them a try next time I'm in need of a mascara xxx