Monday, 5 September 2011

I may have purchased the prettiest blusher the world!

Okay, so I have been really down recently and what better way to be cheered up than buying lots of presents for yourself! I actually bought quite a lot but decided to just do a series of mini hauls rather than show you all just how little restraint I do have because I think it would make every single one of you slightly disgusted in me. I did have a good excuse though, I have been distraught over the past couple of days and as I am a materialistic person my little presents to myself have eased the pain a little.
First stop Lancome, a counter which for some reason I never tend to gravitate towards, I'm extremely happy that I did though and I am definitely going to pay much more attention to the brand!
I only bought 2 items and surprisingly they were not impulse purchases, I'd had my eye on these beauties for a little while!
I will be reviewing Lancome's Doll eyes mascara very soon (the pictures have already been taken so the review will be up later tonight!) my other purchase has to be one of the most beautiful products in my whole collection.
Do you want a closer look?
It is so beautiful, I fell in love with this Limited edition product after seeing swatches online and as much as I'd love to swatch it for you all I cannot bring myself to touch this...just yet anyways! (I actually nearly had a break down before as I dropped this on my kitchen floor :( thank fully it survived as you can see from the picture!) As I mentioned before, this is a limited edition product, the counter I went to only had 2 remaining so I'm not sure if it'll be easy to get hold of but it's called Maison Lancome and it currently available on the following websites:
Debenhams where it's actually on sale for £30.60 rather than the £34 I paid at the counter in Boots.
I'm unsure whether this is still available internationally.
Along with my two very pretty purchases I was also given this goodie bag! Which, is available once you spend over £29 - I'm not sure how long this promotional gift is available for as it's only for a limited time! You also get the option between a gift set containing anti-ageing products and one containing hydrating products - I chose the one containing hydrating products.
This is what the little freebie goodie bag included! If you would like me to make a post with details of what is included/first impressions then please let me know!
Unfortunately as I bought these items whilst on my break from work I didn't notice this until I got home...
:( Thankfully I didn't loose any product and it didn't ruin the contents of my bag! I'm excited to try out the skincare included because I am prone to dry skin and although I have found my HG moisturiser (from an unlikely source - post coming soon!) I am open to trying's not like you can have too much skincare can you?! 


  1. I'm always impressed with LancĂ´me's blushes designs, sooo pretty! Great freebies, but WTF happened to that tub??

  2. I have no idea! I opened the bag and it was smashed into 2! x