Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A rare FOTD: My everyday make up

I do my make up like this most days, it's a quick, foolproof look which takes less than 5 minutes to create.
I am wearing:
Base -
  • Mac studio sculpt foundation (NC15)
  • Sleek luminaire concealer (L01)
  • Mac MSFN (Light)
  • ELF studio eyebrow kit (Medium)
  • Mac cream colour base (Pearl - highlighter)
Eyes - 
  • Bobbi Brown gel liner
  • Lancome Doll Eyes mascara
Lips - 
  • Mac Lipstick (Hue)
I always go for a winged eye liner look when I've not got much time to get ready (or just wear no make up at all) as it's so simple and quick but it's also pretty and effective. I tend to go for nude-ish pink lipstick if I'm using black on my eyes as I think it looks nicer than going for something more bright and eye catching. 
I think this is a great look for 6th form/college as it's quite strict where I go concerning make up but this look is something you can get away with! It's especially good if you're lazy like me and prefer to spend an extra 20 minutes in bed than getting ready in the morning. 


  1. Love your winged liner, would not be able to do that in less that 5mins xx

  2. @Jenny: Thank you lovely!
    @Misseblog: Thanks, it really doesn't take long but then I've been doing the same look over and over for years (literally since I was about 13) so I've gotten used to it now! xxx

  3. You look goregous! I love this look! Very natural xxx

  4. @Dollyxface: Thank you lovely! I do too, I always fall back on this look! xxx

  5. Nice look!

  6. You look so pretty, I love this makeup look :)

  7. cute!! how do you apply liquid liner that fast. You've got a real sweet blog.
    btw MAC lippie giveaway at my blog.
    Happy blogging gurl!

  8. It's a shame that for school you like to plaster your face in as much make-up as possible and don't go anywhere near the natural route.

  9. @Anonymous: It's a shame that the ability to read has surpassed you as I stated that most of the time I don't bother to wear any make up at all. It's also a shame that you spend your time making snide anonymous comments, I'd be nasty but to be honest I feel really sorry for you because you must have an extremely unfulfilled life if this is what you like to do with your time.

  10. @Karishma: Thank you! I think it's just practice really! x

  11. You look gorgeous hun and very natural... ignore silly anon person, they are so ugly they had to hide.


  12. You are so pretty :) you look like a little doll in that photo :) x

  13. @Ms Red: Thank you lovely! xxx
    @Adrienne: Thank you, that's so, so kind xxx

  14. gorgeous make up hon, ignore that numpty who thinks they're so big they had to hide behind the old 'anonymous' mask!