Thursday, 15 September 2011

Disappointing buy...

Ok, so not many bad things are said about the Topshop make up range as generally it's actually surprisingly good especially when value for money is taken into consideration, the make up line is a lot better than attempts made by other high street stores.
Now, I heard that Topshop make up was made by/in the same place as MAC make up so I thought I'd try out one of the brushes and see if that was also of the same standard.
Looks lovely doesn't it? This £8 Kabuki brush looked lovely and although for such a low price I wasn't expecting miracles I certainly didn't expect the horrible scratchy brush that it turned out to me! It looked so lovely and I was expecting a pleasant little brush but every time I use it I feel as though I'm going to come out with a rash or covered in scratches - I even tried to clean it to see if that would soften up the bristles but no luck unfortunately! 
Has anyone else had this same trouble or have I just managed to pick up a faulty one?


  1. oh no thats such ashame, i really wanted to get a load of there brushes! dont think i shall now!.x

  2. What a shame!
    Such a waste of £8.
    It's not hard to sell good makeup brushes for a reasonable price either.
    This seems like a let down for a good brand of makeup.
    Thank you for the heads up! :)
    Makeup for Biochemists


  3. Maybe try washing it with shampoo and conditioner? Sounds like a hassle, but I got a brush similar from H+M and after conditioning it well it became super smooth!