Monday, 15 August 2011

Revisiting an old favourite

Okay, so you may lose all respect you previously had for me for saying that I used to love this chavtastic product and when I saw it on special offer in boots for just £5.99 (This offer applies to all Bourjois mascaras) I just couldn't help picking it up!
I think it's the packaging of this product which makes me associate it with the word chav, it's not horrible by any means it's just not really my cup of tea! I loved this mascara when it first came out and I thought that wearing bucket loads of eyeliner was the most attractive thing ever (it wasn't, no wonder my mum didn't let me leave the house). 
Anyway, back to the point for some reason I've always had a little soft spot for this mascara mostly because when it comes to lashes I like them to stand out, I'm not one for adding just a little definition I love to accentuate my eyes!
Close up though, this mascara gives my lashes a very "attacked-by-spiders-legs" look:
Excuse the messy application.
Okay, so I have to admit when looking at my lashes closely this mascara doesn't do a good job, and I hate how it makes my bottom lashes look though I must say it's extremely good in the lengthening department!
At a distance though, it looks so good! It volumises (is that even a word?!) my lashes, lengthens them and because I bought Ultra black rather than just black really makes my blue/grey eyes stand out. Lets face it, not many people will be studying my lashes close enough to see my little spider infestation will they?!
To conclude, as I realise this post has been a bit everywhere I do like this mascara however I don't know if it's one I'd use every day as it does give very dramatic results (I hadn't curled my lashes before application and it'd probably look nicer if I had). 
What do you think? Bigger is better?

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  1. Bigger is always better but I just couldn't work with this mascara. Very annoying!