Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Boring Beauty Blogger in need of your advice!

Ok, so recently I've been stuck in a bit of a beauty rut. Regardless of how much new make up I buy and how much money I spend I always go for the same look - I am in no way adventurous - I'll illustrate this with a very boring "everyday" FOTD.
As you can see I just tend to go for very natural looks, with subtle eye make up and a simple lip colour (I'm wearing MAC's shy girl which is real life isn't the orange-y tone translated in the picture).
I need your help, apart from a bit of dark eye make up when I'm feeling brave I'm so boring when it comes to applying make up! I'd love some suggestions of how I can "jazz up" my look and become a little more adventurous - I do own some very Barbie pink lip shades whoch I'll whip out occasionally but apart from that I am very much a colour phobe!


  1. First: You look gorgeous!
    Second: why don't you try some bold/crazy looks just for purpose of the blog and then work out what bright colours you could wear during the day?
    I always find YouTube a great source of inspiration

  2. Thank you :)
    I'll try that, I just get really scared of colour especially on my eyes! xx

  3. You do already look gorgeous, but I was stuck in this rut too! So what I normally do is jazz it up with a lipstick. It doesn't have to be bright, but a different colour. I tend to wear a lot of peachy shades on my lips so it's nice to wear a pink one once in a while.

    Also, another way I try to make my makeup different is by doing my normal makeup light grey/brown over the lid then add a darker colour of that colour to the crease. Then I go over the crease colour with an actual colour e.g. purple and then a darker brown/black in the outer corner. It just adds a slight bit of colour to the eye but still looks very wearable! Sorry for a masssive essay, hope you catch my drift :) xxx

  4. Thank you, I actually found your comment really helpful and I'll be sure to start experimenting using your tips! xxx

  5. I dare you to stand near you're local Barry M counter and not get lost in the colours. There's so much playing around to be done with make up and it doesn't all have to be posted on your blog or worn in the street. It's all about expression and experimenting even if you're the only one who sees it!
    Try looking at Youtube tutorials to see how to incorporate colour and search for make up on there are some really funky ideas.
    I wouldn't say you were boring at all many women are like you!!

    Love J.

  6. I feel boring though! I just have to try myself in and not be nervous don't I! xx

  7. Here are some nice eyeshadow colours for blondes: cool browns, taupes, bronzes, granite, tawny pinks, pastels, mauves and plums. You can do a simple wash with these colours or try smoking them out as Amy said.

    Another idea is to try lining your bottom lid with a bright pop of colour (eg. blue, turquoise, purple, etc.), line the top lid in your regular brown eyeliner, and then keep your lips nude/neutral. I've received tons of compliments everytime on this look. Happy experimenting!

  8. Thank you for your advice, I'm thinking of buying the sleek oh so special palette to introduce myself into colour as the ones in the palette are subtle and soft! x