Monday, 22 August 2011

Oh I do love a bit of Chanel!

I thought I showed a little restraint walking past the Chanel counter before work, until I turned around and bought this beauty that is...
Are you excited to see what I picked up? I shall let you wonder for a little longer whilst I just talk about the packaging.
It's very much something that attracts finger prints :( The casing is the standard shiny black compact common with all Chanel products, although it does look mirrored in the picture above that was purely the lighting! I also like that it comes in a little dust-pouch which I like, although it's quite useless as I personally don't store my compact in it (too much faffing about) however it add a luxurious touch to the product!
It's so pretty isn't it, want a closer look?
I forked out £37 for this gorgeous "Quadra Eye shadow" in "14 Mystic Eyes" and I can assure you the colours are beautiful! Wanna see swatches?
The pigmentation in this particular quad is quite good, a lot better than others which I swatched at the counter. If you're wondering about lasting power, I created a pretty look with this today (no pictures sorry I was hurrying when getting ready and didn't have time) and although I did use Urban Decay's Primer Potion beneath the shadow has faded a little, though I'm not complaining even though the colour isn't as intense as when originally applied it still looks gorgeous!
I was also given a free sample eye make up remover, I love getting these kind of samples because I have sensitive skin so it's always easy to rule out or even buy certain products after testing the samples on my skin!


  1. I'm impressed with the pigmentation of this quad as I find high end eyeshadows to be disappointingly unpigmented most of the time...

  2. what a lovely quad. I love them and would wear each and every one of them. so lovely! x

  3. Chanel products are almost too pretty to even use. It was painful enough for me to start using my Chanel lipstick, I can't imagine how hard it would be for me to start using one of the eye shadow palettes and making a mess of it. I love the top left color, so dark. I think if they release a quad of all dark colors, I would be obligated to pick it up!