Tuesday, 9 August 2011

(larger than average) MAC Haul

So, I recently did a bit of hauling MAC being my brand of choice at the moment - not sure why but I proceeded to spend lots of money on what looks like very little.
I've had a little wishlist of things and decided to start ticking things off it recently, I actually thought I'd bought tons and tons of stuff but when I gathered everything together to show you I realised that I actually had very little to show for my money!
Most of this was bought from a MAC counter however some was ordered off the internet (one item was not available at the counter and the other I just forget when reeling off my list to the MA).
The first thing I picked up was the "Pro Palette Eye Shadow x15" which I'd wanted for a while, I love the idea of building my own custom palette.
I also bought 2 eye shadows to go in my palette the infamous "all that glitters" and also "woodwinked" both of which I love! 
A closer look:
(L-R) Woodwinked, All that glitters. 
I also bought 2 lipsticks, the colours don't really translate in the picture but "Shy girl" is a gorgeous peachy nude, a colour which I wasn't sure if I'd like but am loving it so much (as you can see from the picture I've already used it a few times) the formula is cremesheen - my favourite MAC lipstick formula and this shade is fast becoming a favourite too. I also bought my first ever Sheen Supreme lipstick in "Gotta Dash" which is a beautiful coral shade.

I also bought a Cream Colour Base in "Pearl" it's a lovely colour which I use as a highlight, it's extremely pretty and subtle. Also pictured is my first ever paint pot in Rubenesque, it's a gorgeous colour and I am now a paint pot lover and definitely would love to buy some other colours.
Finally I bought MAC's brush cleanser and one of the 2 Cinematics Limited Edition Brush set, I bought the "All over" brush set. I'm also planning on buying the "Face" edition as I think these brushes are so cute! There are also some brush sets in the "packed to go" collection which I might also pick up, I'm still deciding (next pay day obviously)! Of the new collections it's only really the brush sets which have caught my eye so I think I'll be stocking up on them rather than the other products.

So far I'm loving everything which I bought however I will post individual reviews of these products, which is why I haven't included swatches. Have you hauled recently?


  1. Not a bad size for a MAC haul! I love paint pots, and I've recently purchased my first 15pan palette too! I've depotted 2 shadows so far but have a list of some I want to pick up (working my way though it!) Would love to see a review of the pearl CCB, seems like a great product=)

  2. I've heard a lot about All That Glitters, it looks like such a nice and versatile shade!

  3. Looks fab! I love mac products :)

  4. I've been in the MAC mood lately too. I've been wanting a 15 palette forever! I was considering getting one along with satin taupe and patina, but I really like the ones you've chosen too. Shy girl is #1 on my MAC lipstick lemming list. I'd like to try the brush cleaner too, as my current clinique bottle is running low. What I'm trying to say, is your Mac haul closely resembles the one i had in mind! Awesome.

  5. What a great haul! I can see how that would be costly though. Woodwinked is one of my favourite eyeshadows ever!

  6. EmmaBovary: I'm building my palette slowly too!
    GABY: It's a beautiful shade, I'll be doing a post including swatches soon!
    Lizzie: Thank you!
    Dovey: Haha, I have a written wish list which I've just been ticking off, as opposed to making random impulse purchases like I do normally! I've used the brush cleanser for spot cleaning my brushes as it's really good!
    The Make-up Fairy: It's a gorgeous colour isn't it!