Tuesday, 3 January 2012

2011 Favourites

I'm sorry for my absence from the blogging world but things have been so hectic at the moment and I just haven't had the time, at all. Prepare yourself though, because this post is going to be a long one!
Diorskin Nude Foundation (010), Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette
I think it was pretty obvious that these 2 products would feature in my best of 2011 post as I rave about both products again and again! I'm yet to do a post about the Sonia Kashuk concealer palette however if you're interested I'll have one up asap - I'm so sad to have hit pan on the peach toned concealer as this product is only available in the US :( As for the foundation, it's a favourite of mine and is perfect for my dry/sensitive skin. 
Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel
Again, another obvious choice! I literally use this bronzer every single day, it's perfect for when I'm wearing fake tan but also wearable for every day use as it gives a lovely, sheer wash of colour which can be built upon.
(Clockwise from Left:) MAC "Melba" Blush, MAC L/E Mineralize Blush "Cheek & Cheerful", MAC Cream Colour Base "Pearl"
I actually have a ton of cheek products which aren't MAC however my favourites of the year are definitely those pictured above. Melba is a gorgeous blush which flatters every skin tone and suits every make up look. Cheek & Cheerful is a colour I tend to use after fake tanning, as it's got a definite bronze-y finish. As for the Cream Colour Base in Pearl I've used this as a highlight almost every single day since purchasing it (not so long ago) it's a gorgeous, gorgeous highlight as I've (already!) hit pan on this product it looks as though I'll definitely be repurchasing in the near future!
(Clockwise from Left:) Chanel Les 4 Ombres "14 Mystic Eyes", Inglot Freedom Palette, Sleek Luminaire Concealer "L01"
I love using the Chanel quad whilst on the go because it's a fool proof, nude, smoky eye look which is so pretty! I love how the 4 colours can be used to make a subtle neutral look too. As for my Inglot palette, I love it so much that it's the reason why I have neglected both my MAC and UD Naked palette! The shadows are so pigmented and high quality - something which I wasn't expecting from such a reasonably priced brand! I use the Sleek concealer under my eyes every single day, it's perfect for counter acting dark circles and leaving your eyes looking bright.
(Clockwise from Left:) Bobbi Brown Gel Liner, Dollywink Eyelash Adhesive, Dollywink Liquid Liner
I'm actually in desperate need of repurchasing my gel liner, because it's getting so dried up (naughty I know)! I love this particular gel liner though as it doesn't fade and is a beautiful true black. As for the Dollywink adhesive, I am in love with this product! I am a huge(!!!) false eyelash fan and this is literally the best glue I've ever used, ever! The Dollywink felt tip liner is another fab product, a liquid liner with a nib which is a cross between a felt tip and a paint brush, it's so easy to control and unlike many liquid liners is a true, deep black!

MAC lipsticks have, on the whole been favourites for me throughout the year and MAC is definitely my go to brand if I'm looking for a new lipstick. The three pictured above (and below) are my absolute favourites of the year. I would also include the shade Creme Cup (a pretty nude pink) however I lost it whilst out which makes me very sad :(
(L-R) Vegas Volt, Shy Girl, Russian Red
These 3 lipsticks are AMAZING!!! Vegas Volt, is just a beautiful colour - probably my all time favourite. Shy Girl is a gorgeous peachy almost nude colour which is extremely flattering and Russian Red is the most perfect red for me!
Jill Stuart Fruity Lip Balm
This is probably the most beautifully packaged product I own! And such a lovely lip balm too, which melts on your lips leaving them feeling hydrated and slightly tinted.

Woo! Congratulations if you made it this far! I've taken tons of pictures today for future blog posts so keep your eyes peeled! What were your favourites of the year?


  1. Vegas Volt and Russian Red are on my wishlist...wish I could afford to get both of them right now! haha xxx

  2. Ah wow I need Vegas Volt...and that Chanel quad is beautiful!

  3. Great picks! :) one tip on dried up gel liner, heat it up for a few secs on the microwave. :) tried and tested it. So u won't have to waste the dried up products. The chanel bronzer looks pretty! I want to get it but might be too light for my skin tone.The quad looks awesome too! I think your favorites are also my favorites lol

  4. @Daisy: They're both gorgeous colours! xxx
    @Dee: Vegas Volt is amazing, you need to get it! xxx
    @Katrina: I'll try that out, thank you! xxx

  5. Oh wow, I've never heard of Dollywink (I'm probably well out of the loop here), but I'll definitely be giving it a go!
    I've been wanting to try 'Melba' out for ages, but was worried I'm a little too pale for the shade.
    Shy girl looks lovely, must give that a try! xx

  6. @Francesca: Dollywink is an Asian brand so it isn't widely available. I'm really pale but Melba is still really flattering :) xxx

  7. Very nice! that's an amazing concealer palette and I'm surprised you havent used it all up yet! :D On a prettier note, the jill stuart product is very pretty! what fruit is it? *followed*

    1. I'm not sure exactly, it's an Asian brand so I have no idea what it contains! I know the concealer palette is amazing which is why I'm trying to ration my usage! & Thank you x

  8. Lovely post! Great picks - lots I haven't tried (yet!). So sad we can't get Sonia Kashuk outside of the US :(

    1. I know, I'll be heartbroken when mine runs out :( x