Monday, 19 December 2011

I've been a busy bee! (OOTN)

I'm sorry I haven't been posting recently this month has been CRAZY! There's been tons of birthdays and with it being Christmas soon I've been working loads to get extra pennies for gifts. I have a few posts in the pipe line, however which I'll have up as soon as I have the time - I don't want to post half heartedly!
I did however want to share with you what I wore last Friday night for a friends birthday, I loved my outfit, even though it was so simple.
Sorry about the bad quality picture (I'm in the centre)
I looked very casual compared to everyone else but I felt really comfortable in what I was wearing!
I can honestly say this outfit was a lot more drunk friendly than my other options! 
I kept my hair and make up really simple wearing some false lashes, a little eye liner, bronzer and MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick.
The best friend (L) - Me (R)


  1. Vegas Volt looks so good on u! I was just at MAC earlier and thought of purchasing it but I didn't cause I thought it might be too orange. But it doesn't look orange at all in this pic!

  2. It's gorgeous, I have a post on my blog which has swatches of this lipstick if you'd like a closer look. It's my favourite lipstick xxx